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Hymer hymer Instruction Manual
Hymer hymer Instruction Manual
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Hymer ERIBA Touring 2012 Instruction Manual
Hymer ERIBA Touring 2012 Instruction Manual
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Multiple classic hymer manuals all in one
Multiple classic hymer manuals all in one
multiple classic hymer manuals all in on
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The History of Hymer Eriba campervan

  Models of the ERIBA Living series will delight both young beginners and sophisticated travelers with luxurious design. The design and color scheme of upholstered and cabinet furniture in the living area repeats the usual cozy homely atmosphere, and the sleeping area is designed so that caravan lovers of all ages will feel at home here. The bunk beds at ERIBA Living make it super kid-friendly, and plenty of storage space to help keep things tidy. So, ERIBA Living is an ideal caravan for a family or a friendly company.

Series Features:

Weight - 1.360 - 2.000 kg

Length - 7.24 - 8.15 m

Width - 2.32 - 2.50 m

Height - 2.61 - 2.78 m

Sleeps - 4 - 9 (optional)

List of options below


The body of ERIBA Living is painted bright white. Classic, modern and neutral, it creates a dazzling and stylish travel 'yacht' look. There are also two exterior cladding options to choose from – a ribbed aluminum panel as standard or in elegant, smooth metal as an option.

 The rear of the ERIBA Living has an impressive automotive design with an ERIBA tail light that uses hybrid LED technology.

 An entrance door with a window is available as an option. As standard, the door is one-piece. The waste container is already built into the ERIBA Living front door as standard. This allows you to keep the caravan clean and tidy.

 Large storage compartments are easily accessible from both inside and outside through external doors.

Different models of trailers in the ERIBA Living series can have a dining area in different ways. However, in any variation under the seats of the dining area there are convenient spacious storage spaces.

Any type of dining area layout is transformed into sleeping places (additional option)

 In addition to under-seat dining areas, there is also storage space under the crates of the lower fixed beds, wherever they are located - in the center, side, along or across the trailer. An example in the photo is a side longitudinal double "French" bed.

The transverse stationary double bed also hides a lot of storage space underneath.

Lower of two single beds (in case of bunk bed)

 ERIBA Living trailers are primarily about the comfort of travelers. Therefore, there are compact, but roomy wardrobe compartments for careful storage of clothes and other necessary things.

 Any of the ERIBA Living models necessarily has a very comfortable kitchen area. The tabletop, cabinets, drawers and wall cabinets are made of durable lightweight panels, equipped with soft closers and special locks that will not allow furniture to open while moving. Also, the kitchen is equipped with a gas stove and sink, which are closed with tempered heavy-duty glass lids. And, of course, each kitchen has a compact, convenient refrigerator with a freezer.

The beds in the models of the ERIBA Living series are located in different ways, but in one they are exactly the same - they are comfortable, soft and durable.

 As an option, ERIBA Living models offer a lift bed that lowers half the height of the trailer over a large dining area for sleeping. It has a solid ladder and railings that protect against falling in a dream.

The bathroom at ERIBA Living is very ergonomic and technically perfect, just like everything else. A cassette toilet, a miniature washbasin, a shower tray, shelves for storing hygiene items - all this fits perfectly in a compact bathroom.

The extended frame, which comes as standard with ERIBA Living, is required for increased load capacities up to 100 kg.

 An anti-vibration clutch with automatic reversal and an automatic setting mechanism is also standard on ERIBA Living.

 Standard GRP coating front, rear and roof provide weather, rock and hail protection.

All windows in ERIBA Living are equipped with mosquito nets, security locks and blackout blinds.