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The History of Locatelli Crane

  Locatelli SpA is the first Italian manufacturer of telescopic hydraulic cranes on a car chassis.

The model range of the company includes cranes with a lifting capacity of 12.5 to 60 tons and consists of 2-serial lines.

The features of the City series for urban environments are compact size, excellent maneuverability, 360 ° visibility of the load, four-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, speed up to 70 km / h. The lifting capacity of these cranes is up to 40 tons.

But the pride of Locatelli are off-road truck cranes. The designers have achieved a combination of working qualities that builders value so much: 360 ° visibility of the load, high cross-country ability, all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, rear axle steering, speed up to 40 km/h and excellent load capacity (up to 60 tons). This is exactly what the construction market needs today.


Among the advantages of the equipment, the official dealer separately notes that Locatelli truck cranes are produced only in Italy in accordance with all European and world quality standards. High performance, reliability and original technical solutions, its own design office have made Locatelli the leader of the Italian lifting machine building.

Truck cranes are a relatively inexpensive and powerful alternative to dedicated cranes because the 3- and 4-axle truck models can drive on public roads without a permit. At the same time, upon arrival at the site, they are immediately ready to start work. Thus, truck cranes are ideal for all kinds of contractors.


Model TCL 40.35, based on a three-axle Mercedes truck, has a load capacity of 40 t and a telescopic boom with a maximum outreach of 32.1 m. At the moment, it is available on the market with engines that comply with Euro 3 and Euro 6 environmental standards. Thus , consumers from various markets have the opportunity to purchase a reliable truck crane without overpaying for excessive environmental requirements.

Technical characteristics of the truck crane Locatelli TCL 40.35:

Chassis: Mercedes-Benz Arocs

Engine power: 319.5 hp (235 kW) at 2200 rpm

Tires: 315/70 R22.5

Overall dimensions (l×w×h): 11.31×2.50×3.91 m

Maximum speed: 90 km/h

Total weight: 26,000 kg

Minimum boom length: 10.1 m

Maximum boom length: 32.1 m

Maximum boom height above ground level: 36 m

Load capacity: 40 t