Harvester Repair Manuals PDF, Wiring Diagrams

Combine harvesters are universal machines that perform many functions at the same time. Such machines perform the following functions: harvesting, threshing, winnowing and transportation of various types of grain. People plan the harvest in advance, but it must be done as soon as possible so that the harvest does not have time to fall off, and this does not lead to losses.

If the agricultural machinery works properly, it can be said with confidence that the harvesting work will be completed on time, with a guarantee of high yield indicators of cultivated agricultural and grain crops. But if it is necessary that agricultural machines for special purposes, such as grain harvesters, always work without interruption, then it is necessary to undergo regular technical inspection.

The main causes of damage to grain harvesters include:

Refueling gearboxes and hydraulic systems with low-quality lubricant, as well as its inconsistent control.

Increased shock loads, constant overheating.


Corrosive effect.

Poor adjustment of the axial operation of conical bearings, shaft alignment, etc.

Accumulation of dust and abrasives on the clutch.

Poor quality or untimely cleaning of filters.

Repair of agricultural combines consists of the following list of works:

Carrying out diagnostics of the chassis, transmission and power plant.

Repair service of bridges, motors, gearboxes, gearboxes.

Major repair service.

Repair service of hydrostatic transmission of combines.

Setting the factory tension indicators of all chains, drive sprockets.

Repair service of components of combine harvesters (threshing, conditioning, headers, hydraulics, grain unloading).

Repair work of electrical equipment.

Lubrication of all nodes, components and aggregates.

Turning works.

Welding works, etc.

Maintenance can be classified depending on the season (spring-summer or autumn-winter), and it can also be carried out monthly, every shift, with the required frequency.

You may find many manuals on our site on the repair of combans to help you. Service instructions for combines can be viewed online from your smartphone and always have them at hand.