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TEU Forklift FD15-40
TEU Forklift FD15-40
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TEU Forklift série-EFFO-de-30T
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The History of TEU forklift

Forklifts under the TEU brand are quickly gaining popularity in the market, in the production - a component base from the leading Japanese manufacturer TCM and original Japanese engines were used.

The era of electrification of industrial potential has reached almost all corners of any manufacturing enterprise. The production of products of completely different directions is already guarded by a robotic system that works powered by the electrical network. Systematically, the turn of electrification came to the logistics division. In the world, a huge number of models of electric forklifts already exist and are successfully working. Despite the fact that such equipment is more expensive than analogues powered by internal combustion engines, it is essential for indoor use, especially if they are not ventilated.


Popularization of a modern successful brand

TEU's profile electric forklift models are now famous for a number of advantages that leave many competitive brands behind. When the company's management approved the strategy for the development and implementation of such models on the market, the engineers had several key tasks that must be completed:


High build quality and durability of loaders;

Wide choice of loading equipment;

The versatility of an electric forklift;

Low price.

All of these factors are key and most sought after by TEU buyers, but each of these points deserves a little more attention.


High build quality and durability of TEU loaders

The association of cheap assembly of Chinese technology still sparkles in the minds of users. This stereotype masters from China will have to eradicate for more than a dozen years. Literally all manufacturers of really high-quality products fall under the general vision of the picture.

The management of TEU decided to fight this unfair condemnation with a clear example - through total quality control of manufactured equipment at all stages of its production.


Thus - if we are talking about the body of an electric loader, but it should be made not just of plastic, but with the help of a high-strength alloy of polyurethane and reinforced plastic, which is widely used in the military industry. These individual elements of the housing must have increased characteristics of strength, wear resistance and durability. Why a forklift body needs such characteristics is up to you, but they are.


Wide range of TEU vehicles

This item caused a lot of controversy during the initial production of special equipment. Some representatives of the company did not understand why the brand needed such a wide range of forklifts, which differed from each other, for the most part, in terms of carrying capacity. However, such a decision soon allowed the company to gain a wide consumer demand and, at first glance, controversial, the decision became a recipe for real success.


Loader versatility

The brand's electric forklift trucks were originally designed to work indoors, but modern models of TEU electric forklifts are adapted for short-term outdoor operation. If your enterprise is adjacent to an unloading area intended for cargo transport, then the adaptation of TEU electric forklifts to work in the open sky will more than justify itself. Among other things, most of the models of equipment combine comfort and ease of operation for the loader operator in the open air, which does not interfere with the pleasant working conditions indoors.


Low price with high quality

This point is not a secret for anyone, but it is a powerful motivational tool for buying equipment under the TEU brand. Electric loaders are no exception. They rather confirm the global policy of the lower price segment of the company. At the same time, TEU management always puts cost at the second level of importance when developing a new model. The primary goal is always the high quality and reliability of brand equipment. After all, it is impossible to deceive a client, nobody needs cheap and short-lived special equipment. The vast majority appreciates low cost only in conditions of a high level of product performance.