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The History of Vervaet combines

Vervaet, the Netherlands, specializes in the manufacture of not only self-propelled beet harvesters, but also in the development of all-terrain vehicles. So he knows the secrets of increased cross-country ability. It is not for nothing that the Vervaet harvester is willingly used in those regions where the soils are particularly heavy and wet. Either there is high weediness of the field, or there is freezing of the surface layer of the soil.


Such a detail: this combine has a ground clearance of 55 cm. This is more than many similar machines. Accordingly, in very wet conditions, the harvester does not "sit on its stomach" in the mud, but continues to dig up sugary root crops. Again, even with very high soil moisture and also in the rain, the harvester cleans the beets well (it has 6 or 8 cleaning turbines). On many combines of this brand, for example, on the Vervaet 17t, there is a motor of the well-known German company Deutz with a capacity of 600 hp.

 A hopper with a volume of 25 tons is unloaded very quickly: on the ground - within 35 seconds, into a truck - a little longer. In total, the maximum possible productivity of Vervaet reaches 3 ha/h.

 Users also praise the quality of Vervaet digging: no roots are left in the fields; the farmers are also satisfied with the high degree of cleaning of beets from the ground. Harvester Vasyl Shvets works on a Vervaet harvester in the Vinnytsia region. In his opinion, "the machine is easy to control, its performance is high. During the season, we dig up to 1,500 hectares, which is very profitable."


Vervaet is equipped with good hydraulics. Each pump has a separately adjustable volume (for the drive, the differential of the boom, for the turbines and the hopper). The harvester is equipped with a combi-device that can throw the crop to the side.


A characteristic history of the Vervaet company. Like Ropa, and many other European agricultural machinery enterprises, it is a family business. Brothers Frans and Richard Vervath, who grew up in a family of mechanics, founded their company in 1958. And in 1974, together with other relatives, they began the development and production of a beet harvester with a hopper. Since then, their position on the European equipment market is quite strong.