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Mitsubishi FG15N Service Manual
Mitsubishi FG15N Service Manual
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Mitsubishi 6D1 series diesel engine Workshop Manual
Mitsubishi 6D1 series diesel engine Workshop Manual
Mitsubishi 6D1 series diesel engine Work
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Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks 6M60-TL Diesel Engine Service Manual
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks 6M60-TL Diesel Engine Service Manual
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks 6M60-TL Diese
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Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks Fault Codes
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks Fault Codes
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks Fault Codes P
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The History of MITSUBISHI forklift

The history of the emergence of the family company Mitsubishi reaches the end of the 19th century. The first years of the twentieth century, the company met already quite well-known in the industrial and commercial circles of Japan. The First World War made the company famous in the world of aircraft and engine building. In addition, the company was engaged in oil refining, shipbuilding, housing construction and investment. In a word, it was a diversified concern that benefited from all industries.


Until the end of World War II, the company was in the hands of one family and specialized in the construction of aircraft and engines for air, land and sea equipment. After the defeat of Japan, the company was split into more than 40 small firms. One of them gained fame, retaining the name - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which in 1950 began to develop and manufacture its own designs of automotive equipment.


Mitsubishi cars gradually gained credibility with buyers, and over the years the company has become a leading global automotive concern. In addition to cars and trucks of general purpose and buses, a number of types of special equipment are produced at the factories of the corporation:

Automobile cranes;


Concrete mixers;


Modern Mitsubishi forklifts are known all over the world as the latest advanced technology of the latest generation. All designs of diesel, gasoline and electric models were one step ahead of other engineering firms. A powerful research and development base of the corporation with centuries-old traditions ensures the novelty and functionality of designs.


The Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks range of forklifts for warehouses includes more than 160 models of forklifts with diesel and gas engines with a load capacity of up to 16 tons, electric forklifts with a load capacity of up to 5.5 tons, as well as other warehouse equipment with a lifting height of up to 12 meters and a load capacity of up to 3 tons. They are designed to the highest specifications for maximum performance, highest reliability and economy in all operating conditions.

 The reliability of the brand is supported by a 5-year or 6,000-hour warranty for all Mitsubishi forklifts, including aggregates and assemblies, which is confirmed by a manufacturer's certificate.

Mitsubishi diesel forklifts

The most common models of Mitsubishi forklifts are machines with a load capacity of 1 to 16 tons. Their near-perfect designs allow Mitsubishi forklifts to be used in all lifting and handling jobs in indoor and outdoor areas. Economical low-noise diesel engines have low-toxic exhaust, but are mainly used in open warehouses or under sheds. In enclosed spaces, docks and workshops, their use is limited by the presence of powerful forced ventilation.


Mitsubishi diesel forklifts are structurally:

Meets all major environmental and safety standards;

Equipped with the most modern engines with exhaust indicators in accordance with the Euro-3 standard;

Suitable for enterprises of any type of activity;

Used in food warehouses;

Can work in difficult conditions.

The popular Mitsubishi FD30NT diesel loader is a striking example of a Japanese company's forklift. The weight of the loader without load is 4360 kg, the rated load capacity is 3000 kg. It is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine with a rated power of 38 kW and can reach speeds of up to 19 km/h. The dimensions of the working forks are 45x125x1070. The loader is characterized by an easy start of the engine in any weather and the ability to tow the load. The turning radius is 2.4 meters. The clearance of almost 17 cm allows the loader to work on unpaved areas and inclined surfaces with a lifting height of up to 20 degrees.


Mitsubishi gas forklifts

The Mitsubishi FG20n gas forklift with a lifting capacity of 2 tons is mainly used in production and warehouses for work between racks. It is also used for unloading cars and wagons with a stop inside the cargo compartment. It is equipped with a K21LE engine with a power of 42 kW and a volume of 2 liters. The rotation speed of the crankshaft is 2700 / min.

Overall dimensions of the machine 558×1150(1640)x2145 mm, ground clearance 135 mm, turning radius 2196 mm. It can lift the forks up to a height of 3.3 meters. The mast can tilt up to 12o, the lifting speed is 590 mm/s.

The \”N\” series of Mitsubishi lift trucks are equipped with a microprocessor control system that blocks travel and hydraulics in dangerous situations and has a number of important diagnostic functions. Gas models of the “N\” series are equipped with an electronic engine control system. Thanks to the use of 3-way catalytic converters with feedback, emissions are significantly reduced and power is increased.


Mitsubishi electric forklifts

Mitsubishi electric forklifts are a very wide range of models with a wide range of load capacities. While most electric forklifts from other manufacturers have a load capacity of no more than 2 tons, Mitsubishi four-wheel forklifts work with loads up to 5 tons and have a load lifting height of up to 6.5 meters. They are divided into models for non-intensive (1-1.5 tons), intensive (1.5 - 3 tons) work and machines for heavy (3.5 - 5 tons) work.

These models of Mitsubishi electric forklifts are designed for work not only in protected areas, but also in the open air. For example, let's consider a 4-wheel electric forklift (80V) with Mitsubishi FB 50 pneumatic tires, which is designed to perform work that other trucks simply cannot physically perform.

A very powerful electric forklift designed for the toughest jobs. It belongs to the type of loaders with AC drives. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.