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Hubtex 3050 Specs
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Hubtex Electric Multidirectional Sideloader Specs
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The History of HUBTEX forklift

  The German company HUBTEX is one of the recognized leaders in the production of specialized equipment that provides the most convenient loading and unloading operations in conditions other than standard.


 The main activity of the company is the development and sale of:

specialized warehouse equipment;

special equipment for heavy loads;

special equipment for large-sized objects;

side loaders.


Features Overview of Hubtex Sideloaders

 This category of Hubtex material handling equipment is represented by several subcategories of the respective machines.


1. Multi-way side loader Hubtex.

Traction batteries are the main source of traction energy for such an electric loading device. Depending on the loader model, its battery will be designed for different voltages: from 48 to 80V.

Loader cab, top view.In working mode.Hubtex warehouse equipment.

The load capacity of such Hubtex side loaders is in the range between 1.5 and 20 tons. Lifting height - up to 12.5 m.

Wheels for loaders. The loader can be used both indoors and outside. For its efficient and durable operation, Hubtex completes this series of machines with three types of tires: only for internal use; for outdoor; combined type.


 2. Side loader Hubtex series 37xx.

These loaders are represented by models that can use diesel fuel, gas or battery electric energy as the main sources of energy. The load capacities of these Hubtex side loaders range between 3 and 6 tons. Lifting height - up to 9m.

Mast mechanism. The mast extension mechanism of the loader is designed in such a way that it is carried out by means of crossed cylinders. This achieves:


smooth shift of the device;

· soft movement of cargo.

As for the mast itself, it can be presented in the form of a 2nd, 3rd or pivot frame. The possibility of using a wide range of attachments is provided.

Hydrostatic drive. Two modes of operation are available for the hydrostatic drive:

· acceleration;



The drive mechanism is located at the rear of the loader, which contributes to two important effects: sound insulation and optimal distribution of the load that falls on the rear axle.

The most ergonomic cabin. Of the features it is important to emphasize:

all hydraulic functions are controlled by convenient paddle levers;

Hubtex - cabin.

low vibration in the cab;

repeatedly moved seat with a sprung basis;

 enough free space;


Priority use. All of these Hubtex devices are ideal for handling long loads, oversized pallets, cable drums and other round materials as well as sheet materials (steel, chipboard). For comfortable operation of Hubtex side loaders, a narrow aisle is sufficient. They work equally well in free-moving conditions both indoors and outdoors.