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The History of JASO Crane

   For over 35 years, JASO has been an international leader in the manufacture of lifting and horizontal boom lifting equipment.

Serial tower cranes have a number of technological and design features: interchangeability of mast and boom sections for towers of the same type, which allows to optimize the assembly process thanks to a hydraulic mounting device and fastening of guys; the use of frequency converters to control the electric motors of crane equipment, ensuring smooth and stable operation in all modes, high ergonomics. In the stationary-attached series of units, to which the Jaso J110N crane belongs, the technical characteristics of the power electric motor, having a power of 58 kW, make it possible to achieve a load capacity of 8 tons with a maximum boom reach of 55 meters.

Thanks to the reliability of the design of the multi-section beam type boom and the use of ballasts, the Jaso tower crane provides lifting of loads to the height of the multi-storey residential complexes under construction of all possible projects. The maximum outreach of these series of tower cranes can reach 80 meters, which allows it to be used for typical panel buildings and the construction of monolithic structures in limited areas of infill development. Quite often, the JASO series is used in ports for unloading large ocean liners. With a maximum hook lifting height of several hundred meters, the crane is able to lower the load onto high-rise pipes, masts, towers or antennas for various industrial purposes.