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History of Scania Trucks

 The Swedish concern Scania CV AB is one of the world leaders in the production of heavy trucks and buses. It is an international corporation operating in more than a hundred countries around the world. Ninety-seven percent of the production is sold outside of Sweden. Since the company was founded, more than 1,000,000 trucks and buses have been produced!


The company was formed in 1901 on the basis of the Swedish branch of the English company Humber, which produced bicycles. And, I must say, these bicycles were of excellent quality: for strength, reliability and stability, they received the nickname "stools on wheels." The company was located in the small town of Malmena in the south of the country. And the name itself - Scania - reflected this geographical fact: it denotes belonging to the southern Swedish region of Skana.

Usually, manufacturers solemnly, with pomp, announce their new products. But Scania just as pathetically announced the end of the production of trucks of the PGR series - the last such tractor rolled off the assembly line at a plant in Brazil. They have been produced since 2004 - over the past 14 years, about 800 thousand have been produced.


Scania S730 V8 4×2 Highline is a two-axle main truck tractor with a 4×2 wheel arrangement, which is primarily aimed at carrying out cargo transportation on public roads as part of a road train using semi-trailers for various purposes…

For the first time, the car was presented to the world public in August 2016, and soon after this event, its commercial production was launched in Sweden.

The Scania S730 V8 4×2 Highline is equipped with a modernly designed cab with a comfortable interior, which has two comfortable seats and a sleeper almost 1 meter wide. The truck tractor has the following overall dimensions: 5960 mm long, 2500 mm wide and 4000 mm high. Its wheelbase extends to 3750 mm, and the smallest clearance under the “belly” does not exceed 265 mm. The curb weight of the truck is 8700 kg, and its gross weight is 19000 kg (7500 kg presses on the front axle, and 11500 kg on the rear axle). As part of a road train, the maximum allowable weight of the car does not exceed 40,000 kg (although it is capable of pulling much more behind it). The "heart" of the Scania S730 V8 4×2 Highline is the DC16 21 diesel V-shaped "eight" DC16 21 with a working volume of 16 liters, which meets the environmental requirements of "Euro-6", with a turbocharger, direct injection system and aftercooling of the charge air, which develops 730 " horses" at 1900 rpm and 3500 Nm of torque potential at 1000-1300 rpm. In conjunction with it, a 12-speed “automatic” with a pair of low gears and a leading rear axle with a lockable cross-axle differential are installed. The guaranteed maximum speed of the truck tractor (at full load) is 85 km/h, while its fuel consumption is 42 liters for every 100 kilometers. The frame of the Scania S730 V8 4 × 2 Highline tractor is a powerful frame with double spars, on which all the main components and assemblies are concentrated, and the cab is also based on a four-point air suspension. The front axle of the truck is equipped with a dependent suspension with parabolic springs and an anti-roll bar, and the rear axle is equipped with a two-balloon pneumatic design. The truck tractor uses a steering system with a hydraulic power steering, as well as disc brakes "in a circle", supplemented by modern "gadgets".