Foton Lovol Excavator Manual PDF

The History of Foton Lovol

Chinese wheeled backhoe loaders from Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (abbr. Foton Lovol) include several models of various configurations: H-shaped outrigger and wing-type outrigger. Rated motor power 70 kW.

Engine power is critical to the operation of a backhoe loader. Foton Lovol backhoe loaders use a diesel direct injection engine of our own design and production: Lovol Engine 1004-4T.

The Chinese Foton Lovol backhoe loader is a universal machine that is simply indispensable both in road construction work and in the activities of public utilities and industrial services, and even in agriculture.


Foton Lovol backhoe loaders are equipped with a PERKINS engine that provides excellent performance with low fuel consumption. There is also a FASTRAM protection system that allows you to save the engine from unnecessary overloads during start-up. The used Italian transmission CARRARO also contributes to the high reliability of Foton Lovol backhoe loaders in operation, as it was created specifically for machines of this type, designed for high, extreme loads and their features. You can also say a few words about the specialized hydraulics of HUSCO, which ensures high accuracy and reliability of all work carried out. The modern panoramic cabin of the Foton Lovol backhoe loaders provides all-round visibility and allows the operator to work in the most comfortable conditions and without fatigue.


Foton Lovol backhoe loaders have long remained popular only in their homeland, but for several years now many companies and organizations in Russia have been delighting with their excellent performance and performance. And despite the fact that the components and materials of the highest quality are used on Foton Lovol equipment, this did not affect the establishment of a rather low price. Most modern companies and organizations, whether construction or any other, strongly recommend Foton Lovol's equipment.