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The History of Furukawa Excavator

FURUKAWA is a Japanese brand that first appeared on the market in 1918. The company is dynamically developing in several directions, for example, real estate, fuel systems, electronic equipment and special equipment.


In 1946, a new structural division FURUKAWA UNIC was created, which specialized in the creation of hydraulic equipment for trucks. Now this branch of the company has an extensive network of offices around the world.


A significant stage in the development of the enterprise came in 1962. At this time, the KOYAMA FACTORI plant was launched, where the production of excavators, bulldozers and small-sized equipment was launched. It is noteworthy that the model range of each of the directions is dynamically changing, adjusting to the growing needs of the sales market.

In 2000, FURUKAWA UNIC and HITACHI CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY merged to create wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators. The assembly plants of this equipment are scattered all over the world.


FURUKAWA equipment, regardless of its field of application, is invariably distinguished by high build quality and wear resistance of the main structural components. It goes without saying that multi-stage quality control at all stages of production somewhat “weights” the cost of machines. However, a high motor resource completely eliminates the forced downtime of equipment associated with unscheduled repairs.

The main activity of the company is the creation of equipment for drilling and earthmoving. In the second case, pneumatic-wheeled and caterpillar excavators and their small-sized counterparts are very popular. Key features of the machines include:

Versatility. Regardless of the type of propeller and dimensions, a wide range of attachments is provided for all excavators, which significantly expands the boundaries of excavator application.

Reliability. Only high quality materials are used in the manufacture. The main structural elements are reinforced, which gives resistance to dynamic loads when performing heavy work.

Safety. The equipment is resistant to tipping over, even with peak loads on the boom and bucket edge. Cabins of excavators are all-metal, equipped with a safety cage and panoramic windows. Power plants fully comply with international requirements and practically do not pollute the environment.

Comfort. The operator's workplace is standardly equipped with a chair with a variable configuration, heating and ventilation systems are provided to ensure comfortable performance of work in various climatic conditions. The control of the working bodies is carried out using joysticks, which are arranged in a single unit. The on-board computer monitors the operation and condition of the main components.


Crawler excavators

These machines are ideal for working on unstable ground and have good explosive force when performing heavy work.

 Among the FURUKAWA lineup, you can consider the following machines:

640E. This is a heavy excavator weighing 20 tons. As a power plant, a diesel engine of its own production 6CYL with a capacity of 132 kW is used.

645LS. Long trolley model. The structural weight of the excavator is 31 tons. The engine of the GUMMINS family with a power of 144 kW is used as a power unit. Backhoe volume - 1.8 m3, nominal excavation depth: 7.7 m.

650-E. Super heavy machine weighing 37.8 tons. The GUMMINS diesel unit with a power of 172 kW is responsible for the performance. The maximum digging depth is 8.3 meters, the bucket can hold 2.12 m3 of soil.

725LS. A fairly compact model, weighing 15.8 tons. It has a GUMMINS engine with a capacity of 62 kW. The maximum excavation depth is 6.3 m, the bucket capacity is 0.83 m3.

730LS. The weight of the excavator is 16.9 tons, the bucket capacity is 0.85 m3. The equipment is equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 73 kW, can form pits up to 6.5 meters deep.

735 LS and 735 LS II. These are machines weighing 23 tons, capable of excavating soil to a depth of 8.8 m. GUMMINS engines are installed here, with a capacity of 89 kW, and a standard bucket volume of 0.97 m3.

738LS. Multifunctional machine, weighing 22.6 tons. It also uses engines of the GUMMINS series, with a power of 100 kW. The maximum digging depth is 6.7 m, the bucket volume is 1.45 m3.

740LS. This is a heavy excavator, weighing 25 tons, capable of excavating soil to a depth of 7 meters. It uses engines with a capacity of 117 kW, the bucket volume is 1.8 m3.

745LSII. The mass of this excavator is 30 tons, the engine power is 142 kW.