Astra HD9 Euro3 Service Manual

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The main technical data of the new machine has replaced the well-established 8-series, in order to strengthen the company's position as a main competitor to large manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks. On trucks of the new series, technical solutions that have proven themselves in the previous series are also used new solutions developed taking into account the wishes of customers.

The changes primarily affected the cabin design, its appearance became more aggressive and recognizable, while retaining elements of the recognizable Astra corporate identity. The cab of the truck was inherited from a cousin of the Iveco Trakker. Astra has introduced the new HD9 with a ROPS heat treated steel cab. The interior of the cabin itself has been completely changed, it is designed specifically for greater spaciousness and comfort. Passenger access has been improved, thanks to the ideal distance between the first two steps and the last one, as well as the double first handle on both sides of the door, and the doors themselves open 90o.

In the cabin itself, heating and ventilation were improved, and air outlets were added to improve the latter. In addition, new ergonomic seats are installed in the cab, multi-adjustable seat belts are installed. Dashboard, ergonomic controls mounted in close proximity to the driver, all stuffing in the graphics of the new execution, for better control and better control. The central dome above the engine was made lower, which provides better mobility of the inside of the cabin. Good visibility is provided by additional portholes in the doors, large rear-view mirrors with electric adjustment and heating are also installed.

The cab suspension is located at four points, it is mechanical, adjustable for any load, there is even an adjustment to eliminate lateral vibrations. The engine is almost the same as on the Cursor 13 dump trucks, but slightly less powerful - 410 horsepower. At the same time, the maximum torque is reached earlier due to other settings of the control unit, the high-pressure fuel pump is electronic. The engine complies with the strict Euro-5 standard due to the presence of the SCR catalysis system. The car offers a wide range of gearboxes, they can be ZF or Allison - sixteen-speed automatic.

The brakes on the truck are drum-type with double chambers (Duo rotocamere) on each wheel for better balance when braking, and for more even wear of the brake pads. The brake system remains constantly clean, thanks to the use of the APU (Air Processing Unit) system, several valves are installed in one mechanism at once. Correction of the tomosic system is guaranteed by the EBL and ABS systems, which work electronically. Astra HD9 trucks are available in 2WD or AWD, with two, three or four axles. The dump truck that was presented at the exhibition was with a 6x6 wheel formula, the load capacity was up to 25 tons. The volume of the body with a cap is 19.3 cubic meters, it is equipped with an exhaust gas heating system and a protective visor.