MAGAZINER Forklift Manuals PDF

The History of MAGAZINER forklift

Stackers manufactured by Magaziner, Germany, which has been specializing in the production of narrow aisle equipment since 1975. MHC bears warranty obligations and provides full service support, maintenance and repairs, as well as the supply of spare parts for Magaziner stackers.


Requirements for warehouse equipment change from year to year. On the one hand, consumers demand ever-increasing performance of equipment, on the other hand, everyone wants to get a multifunctional solution that would suit not only now, but also in the future could satisfy emerging new requests. Magaziner strives to look into the future and offer innovative solutions today. A well-thought-out product line, a large number of additional options - all this is aimed at the optimal solution of all logistics tasks.


Constant work in contact with numerous customers, operators, maintenance personnel has allowed us to accumulate vast experience, which we use in the development of new narrow aisle solutions. In addition, over the years of work, we have permanent partners - manufacturers of high-quality components.

We are not only working on improving the technical characteristics of our narrow bores, but also trying to make the operator's place more comfortable and safer. The characteristics of our modern narrow aisle stackers leave all competitors far behind.


Individual solutions

Warehouse logistics must meet the requirements for efficient use of available space. Our solutions allow you to competently organize the storage of goods in warehouses with very narrow aisles and high racks. Often our company manufactures stackers to order. We discuss all the details with the management of warehouses, with operators and warehouse workers and manufacture stackers according to individual orders. Of course, we guarantee the high quality and reliability of the proposed solution, as well as provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Magaziner engineers and experts will go the extra mile to build a stacker that meets your every need.



To achieve maximum warehouse throughput, you need stackers you can rely on. Quality at all stages of development, production, warranty and post-warranty service is the key to the success of Magaziner's high-quality solutions.

Magaziner is very selective in its choice of component manufacturers. We require our suppliers to comply with production deadlines and guaranteed high quality of manufactured components. Magaziner has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1997. Magaziner's employees do their best to avoid marriage. Our training team trains dealers as well as end customers to get our stackers up and running quickly.