Beifang Benchi PDF manuals, Fault Codes and wiring diagrams

Manual Beifang Benchi
Manual Beifang Benchi
Manual and maintenance of heavy truck Be
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History Beifang Benchi

   Outwardly, the dump truck does not seem bulky, but it is the most popular Chinese heavy vehicle. The Beifang Benchi model is an excellent value for money.

For the manufacture of a truck, the manufacturer uses Mercedes technology. The Chinese company bought a license for the production of dump trucks in 1988. In 2003, the supply of spare parts from Europe was stopped. The term of the contract between the firms has come to an end.

Now all components for the dump truck are produced in China. The design of the truck is reliable, but at the same time quite simple. Developed a project in Germany. Since there are no unnecessary parts in the car, the manufacturer managed to set an affordable price for the dump truck.

The cab has 2 seats: one for the passenger and the other for the driver. The dashboard does not stand out from the general background. There are only switches and devices necessary for driving. There is also a stove in the cabin that works autonomously.

The truck has two differentials: central and center. Turn on with the help of buttons that are located on the dashboard.

Inside, the manufacturer installed a turbocharged WD615 diesel engine with 6 cylinders. Power indicators reach 280 hp. With. The engine capacity reaches 9.7 liters.

There is enough power in the dump truck. The car is distinguished by increased traction when fully loaded. The speed of the truck develops much more than indicated on the speedometer. The last mark is 80 km/h.

The car can also be used off-road. The truck will overcome a slippery uphill and downhill. The gearbox was made in China. Model 5S-IIIGP mechanical, nine-speed with synchronization.

But all parts are made in China. Beifang Benchi dump trucks have different technical equipment.