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History of PALFINGER

   Palfinger is at the forefront of crane design. With their help, you can easily load, unload and transport various types of equipment on a truck.

Palfinger AG owns more than 40% of the crane systems that exist in the world. The company managed to achieve such figures due to the highest quality characteristics, high reliability and versatility of its products. The development of the company originates in the distant 1932. At that time, Richard Palfinger had a brilliant idea. Inspired by a dream, he organized a workshop for the repair of agricultural and other types of equipment.

Every year his business prospered and brought in a good income, and already in 1959, thanks to his vast experience in this industry, he designed his first Palfinger crane. In 1964, his eldest son suggested that he start mass production of loader cranes.


Since 1966, the process began to actively gain momentum - cranes went into large-scale production, and over the next 20 years, Palfinger managed to develop and produce at least two dozen types of various construction equipment.


For 85 years, the Palfinger brand has reached the highest level of product quality in the world, having patented many copyright technical inventions. An example of this is the system

lifting high power.

The Palfinger brand is consistently true to the values that led it to innovate:

The company's products have an unsurpassed ratio of cost of operation and performance. Ease of use, superior productivity, quick access to the service network, as well as the guarantee of profitable second-hand sales are the tools that allow equipment to quickly recoup its cost.

CMU Palfinger have impeccable quality and performance characteristics, wear-resistant elements and well-thought-out design of cranes. The brand's service centers are located all over the world, which allows for maximum service comfort, reducing the waiting time to a minimum. Palfinger is a reliable professional partner with strength, stability and many years of experience in production.