Forklift Service Repair Manuals PDF

Forklift repair is a set of technical and organizational measures. This set of measures is carried out to restore the efficiency of the forklift, to troubleshoot any of the systems of this warehouse transport. Repair is carried out both during the use of outdoor equipment, and during its transportation or storage. Forklift repair is carried out in the event that maintenance measures are insufficient and the equipment is out of order. Typically, this situation arises due to emergency situations, a long-term violation of the conditions for using a forklift, or due to the expected depletion of the motor resource of self-propelled equipment.

Technical inspection is carried out depending on the specific operating conditions and refers to one of the following three types:

Daily maintenance. This is a superficial inspection, which is carried out at the beginning and at the end of the work shift. The most commonly inspected are the forklift chassis, engine and battery for electric models. Serious maintenance of forklifts is not carried out during shift maintenance, as it is of a preventive nature.

 Periodic maintenance. It is carried out as the operating hours increase. Such inspection is carried out according to the schedule, which is developed either by the manufacturer of warehouse equipment, or agreed directly on the job site. It is periodic maintenance that most often reveals severe wear of equipment components, leads to the withdrawal of the loader from operation for repair.


Seasonal service. A very important and mandatory inspection. During the event, the forklift prepares for changing weather conditions. New working fluids like antifreeze are poured in, tires are changed, equipment is equipped with additional attachments, the cabin is insulated, snow chains are mounted, etc. Without carrying out such technical inspection of the loader, its maintenance, it is impossible to provide equipment and personnel with normal working conditions.