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The History of New Holland harvester

Concern CNH is one of the world leaders in the production of agricultural machinery of such brands as New Holland and Case IH. CNH is a manufacturer of a wide range of agricultural machinery. The line of models of this company includes tractors, combine harvesters, balers, mowers, combines for harvesting grapes. The concern owns a developed dealer network in 160 countries of the world.


In its current state, CNH is an amalgamation of such agricultural brands as Ford, Fiat Trattori, Claeys, directly New Holland and Case Corporation.

The multifaceted history of the concern begins in 1895, when Abe Zimmerman organized a small workshop for the repair of agricultural equipment in the town of New Holland in the state of Pannsylvania, USA. It is to this city that the company owes its name in the future. In 1903, the workshop grew and transformed into the New Holland Machine Company. In parallel with it, the companies of Alexander Brad, Henry Ford, Leon Kleis, Giovanni Agnelli (Fiat) were created and carried out activities in different regions, which were subsequently merged into a concern.


Types of harvesters from New Holland

Thanks to high-quality production and technical characteristics, many models released at the end of the last century are still usable and can be sold on the secondary market. The most popular series of cars is the TS, which appeared in 1992. These combines were intended primarily for private farming enterprises, which were interested in high-quality equipment and a high level of productivity at a relatively low capital investment.


Each New Holland model can additionally be equipped with a rotary separator and other parts that increase its power. Also, the customer is offered to purchase a special leveler, which allows harvesting even in hilly areas. It is worth noting that this function is turned on automatically and does not require additional human control. Paying attention to the models TC 5070 and TC 5080, you need to remember that they have the “Lateralfloat” system installed for even more efficient work on hilly swollen surfaces. When buying a TC class model, you can install a motor of different power, ranging from 175 hp to 240 hp. A special fuel frame helps to save fuel consumption and significantly increase the productivity of the unit.

A feature of the TC models is a unique system designed to maintain a high header ratio. To date, New Holland has developed a technology that can process 100% of all compressed crops, including those that are very difficult to grind.


CX series combines

Considering the machines of the CX class, it is necessary to dwell in more detail on the CX 6000 and 5000 models. A special concave installation turns the unit into a real agricultural “terminator”, which, from the first seconds it enters the site, immediately begins to process all crops indiscriminately. At the request of the customer, the harvester can be equipped with five or six key self-shaker, as well as two or four drum threshing functions.


In order for the grain that gets inside is evenly distributed and does not clog the internal systems, a special Smart Sieve mode has been developed. It is important to note that all New Holland products have the possibility of additional installation of headers for harvesting grain crops of any kind, including corn. As you understand, harvesters are universal in operation and perform many functions at the same time. Thanks to the new version of the Iveco engine, whose power ranges from 240 to 300 hp, the unit works calmly on uneven slopes, easily overcomes obstacles of medium complexity and has very high performance indicators.

RC series units

First of all, it is worth noting that the grain harvesters of this series were entered into the Guinness Book of Records twice, which already distinguishes them from other brands. Well, let's find out thanks to what innovations the combines were awarded such an honor.


In 2008, the New Holland unit set a world record for power and harvested grain, overtaking European competitors by a wide margin. You can watch all the videos showing the work of the combines and the moments of their victory on the official website of the manufacturer or on any other resource. The latest management systems have turned the machine into a real artificial intelligence that independently selects the optimal collection height, measures the number of untreated areas with a scanner and increases power depending on the need.

Today, CNH is a global manufacturer of agricultural machinery. Production is organized at factories in the USA, Germany, Brazil, Japan and Italy. CNH is an inventive, technological and dynamic company that serves as a trusted partner for the global agricultural industry.