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The History of KRONE combines

More and more agribusiness professionals choose KRONE. And this is not surprising, because the oldest German manufacturer offers equipment that includes numerous innovative technical elements that are of high value to the customer.

In 1977, Krone launched the MC 8 eight-knife mounted maize header for the first time, and since 1982 the MC 10 ten-knife header has been produced. The corn stalks were wound behind the header by means of a revolving drum and placed on a plastic pallet before they entered the chopping drum.


The header was improved further, as a result of which a more productive model was released, which became a novelty on the world market in 1984 - the MC 16 harvester, independent of the location of the rows. It weighed 1100 kg and was designed to work with tractors with power from 80 hp. Two disks equipped with eight knives each served as a grinding organ.


The mounted corn header was discontinued in 1988. However, the cutting and feeding chain principle was used as an example 15 years later when Krone developed the EasyCollect corn header for the BiG X self-propelled forage harvester.


As the intensity of agricultural production increased, it became obvious that the relatively small time window allotted for silage harvesting should be used to the maximum. Only self-propelled vehicles can meet these requirements. In addition, trailed forage harvesters create additional problems when transporting them from field to field. As a result, the demand for trailed forage harvesters is falling. Having abandoned their production, Krone is now relying on the high-performance BiG X self-propelled forage harvester with up to 1100 hp.

BiG X Forage Harvester Today, KRONE offers the most powerful agricultural machine in the world, the BiG X forage harvester. However, not only the engine power is an advantage of the combine, but also the quality of chopping that has already become a household name, which is ensured by various innovations of the BiG X forage harvester.

The concept of the Krone harvester includes many proposals from practice - contractors and associations for the sharing of equipment. This is how Krone introduced 20 years ago a harvester that even then had features that have since been adopted by other manufacturers. These include, for example, a transport speed of 40 km/h, fully hydrostatic, continuously variable drive. Other specifications in brief: 397 kW / 540 hp power pack, 6 pre-compression rollers, and a 32-knife V-shaped chopping drum with a diameter of 750 mm and a width of 830 mm. The overall Big X concept was designed from the outset for maximum throughput. At the same time, the combine's modular design provided quick access to all major functional groups.

By the way, the first Big X at that time already had more than 605 hp, but the company did not want to publish a power exceeding 600 hp in 2000, as they feared that such a machine would be misunderstood by practitioners because of its strength . To date, Krone has sold around 5,300 Big X forage harvesters worldwide and are offered in eight different variants in two series, from the smallest Big X 480 (with 490 hp) to the flagship Big X 1180 (with 1156 hp). ). Over the past 20 years, Krone has developed many combine harvester innovations and unique features that have contributed significantly to the Big X's success. Lift cab, OptiMaxx 305mm grain crusher, VariStream channel, VariQuick flow, VariLOC gearbox and up to the XtraPower system that Krone introduced at Agritechnica 2019.