SHAANXI Shacman Truck Manuals PDF


Shaanxi Automobile Holding was founded in 1968. It was named after the province of Shaanxi, where the first factory appeared, from the gates of which, after 6 years, the first assembled vehicle left - a military all-terrain vehicle.


Today, the company has more than a dozen production sites specializing in the production of certain groups of spare parts for trucks and special purpose vehicles, construction vehicles proper, tractors, vans, buses and auxiliary equipment for household and industrial use.


Many automotive manufacturers in China use Shaanxi parts in their truck models. Shaanxi spare parts dealerships are opening after automobiles around the world. The holding, in turn, is open for cooperation with manufacturing companies from different countries.


Entering the European market, a Chinese manufacturer from the Celestial Empire studied the needs and preferences of its future customers, and also organized a joint venture with the German concern MAN. The result was the Shacman trademark.

From the German prototype, trucks received a cabin design and its ergonomic filling, as well as a number of licensed technologies. From Chinese cars, she got a simple and durable frame, a reinforced body with a heating system and a line of reliable engines (American engines were also included), including export options with improved environmental friendliness. Orientation to the Russian buyer predetermined the increased climatic resistance of transport and the presence of suspension locks for operation in difficult road conditions.


Shacman truck tractors are presented in several lines, depending on the size, load capacity, cab and body type, design features and technical equipment. The basis of this category is 2- and 3-axle models that can be operated with various types of trailers. Heavy 4-axle tractors designed for specific tasks are also presented.


Shacman tipper modifications differ in wheel formula: 6x4, 6x6, 8x4. This is a technique with a low or high-sided body, equipped with a classic lifting mechanism for unloading. The maximum load capacity of the largest models reaches 31 tons.