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History of Favelle Favco

  The credo of the Favelle Favco group of companies is the constant improvement and improvement of crane construction. Thanks to this, for 40 years the company has been a leader in this segment of the world market. Continuous improvement in product quality, reliability, production of high-speed tower cranes capable of lifting very heavy loads - all this distinguishes this Malaysian company.

Favelle and Cole was founded in 1923. In 1955, she received the name Favelle Mort. In 1962, the company begins to specialize in the production of cranes and in 1968, eight Favelle Mort cranes are dismantled in Manhattan at the World Trade Center.

In 1975 the company went into recession and was bought by the Aquila group and became Aquila Favco Cranes. Further, in 1980, the company EH Favelle Cranes spun off from the main group, in 1990 it merges with Favco and takes the name - Favelle Favco.

In 1995, the company entered the Malaysian concern Muhibbah Engineering. In 1997, Favelle Favco expands and acquires Krøll Cranes A/S (Denmark, crane manufacturer).

In 1998, by order of Petronas (Malaysian oil tycoon), the company builds a headquarters.

The company's record is the Favelle Favco M2480 crane. It is the largest in the world and has a variable reach boom.

Specialization in ultra-high-rise housing construction has created the company's stable global reputation as a leader. 90% of high-rise buildings in the world are built with cranes from this company.

The range of the company includes: tower, offshore, port, crawler cranes. Favelle Favco has about 700 employees.

Thanks to the international structure of the company, the technology is adapted to the operating conditions of the crane. Therefore, there is no need to modify the crane on site, which significantly reduces its price.

But Favelle Favco considers its most important achievement to be an experienced, competent team of employees. Thanks to them, any task of the customer will be satisfied.