Akerman Excavator Manual PDF

The History of Akerman Excavator

  Akerman caterpillar excavators are reliable, modern mechanisms designed for labor-intensive work in the ground, various agricultural works. The manufacturer of AKERMAN excavators is the Swedish company Volvo Construction Equipment. They have been supplying the market with some of the best excavators in the world for a long time. Among these models there are high-performance mining excavators, mechanical shovels for construction tasks, equipped with hydraulics. This is the best special equipment that can withstand huge temperature changes, and can work on very hard soil.

Akerman crawler excavator designs are available in seven different type and weight categories. Their mass can range from the lightest - 20 kg to the heavy 65 tons. They have a powerful diesel engine with water engine and direct injection function. They have a fairly long service life. This provides a special built-in mechanism that allows the engine to run at a reduced speed, about 1700 rpm. This feature significantly saves excavator performance, fuel consumption, and minimizes the operating noise of the machine. The quality of the engine and other parts fully meets modern European standards. In case of overloads, the built-in Pressure Sensing Control (PSC) system will keep the excavator structure from damage.


In all models of Akerman crawler excavators, you can choose the most comfortable operating mode from several available:

enhanced economy mode Economy (ECO);

work with problematic soil Heavy Lift Device (HLD);

Capacity intensive performance (CAP) mode.

When working with heavy objects, hard ground, it will be more rational to use the economical, saving mode, it will save the machine structure from breakage and damage. And if you need to cope with very strong rocks, then the best solution is to use the system's high performance mode. Akerman crawler excavators are distinguished from other brands of excavators by their large crawler area. This allows you to increase the stability of the structure and its mobility will become much easier. Special hydraulic locks make it possible to replace attachments and parts without leaving the driver's seat. Also, models from Swedish manufacturers have boom float valves.

Akerman 1400

This excavator model is decent, but not the best. Its engine power is 113 kW. With a sufficiently strong engine, its dimensions are as much as 43 tons. Therefore, work for work that is carried out in hard-to-reach places and needs to be done quickly, it will not work.

Akerman 350

This is a fairly old model, which began to be produced back in the 50s. Of course, by modern times it has improved, but the principles of operation of the main parts have remained the same. This device in working condition weighs about 10 tons and has a small engine power - 26 kW. This is the weakest model from the entire range of releases from this manufacturer.