BEML Excavator Manual PDF

BEML Excavator Manual
BEML Excavator Manual
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BEML Excavator
BEML Excavator
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BEML Excavator Manual PDF
BEML Excavator Manual PDF
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The History of  BEML Excavator

  Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) is the largest construction equipment manufacturer in India and the second largest in Asia. In addition, it is engaged in the production of military and railway equipment.


Earth-moving equipment has been produced by the company since 1968, including heavy construction equipment. Some model lines were produced under licenses from major manufacturers.

Currently, the corporation maintains partnerships with manufacturers such as Komatsu, Tatra and many others.

The controlling stake in the corporation belongs to the government of India, the rest of the shares are distributed among large financial institutions, government agencies, and foreign investors.


The device is 20 tons, while relatively small - 7.9 m in length.

A BEML BS6D105 engine with a power of 96 kW is installed. Digs to a depth of 6.14 m, can dig at a height of up to 9.07 m.

The digging radius is up to 9.29 m, which allows you to perform a significant volume without changing the position of the machine.


A more powerful version of the previous model, weighs 23.75 tons.

The dimensions are also increased, due to the significantly greater power - 10 x 2.99 x 3.06 m. The BEML BSA6D105-1 engine is capable of accelerating to 110 kW.

Digs to a depth of up to 6.7 m, can dig at a height of up to 6.36 m, digging radius - up to 10 m.

There is also a modification of the BEML BE200, which has a mass of 22.8 tons. It is equipped with a BEML BS6D105-1 motor, which is not inferior in power to the BEML BE220LC engine, 110 kW. Dimensions also repeat the dimensions of this model, as well as performance.


Almost a copy of the previous model, but slightly less weight. The digging depth has also been reduced - up to 5.885 m, the digging height is also smaller - 8.935 m. Accordingly, the radius also changes - up to 93.275 m.

The bucket volume can vary from 0.44 m to 1.26 m.


This is the heaviest model in the series, its weight is 30.8 tons, while the dimensions do not differ radically from lighter models and are 10.81 m long, 3.19 m wide and 3.08 m high. Good ground clearance of 0.648 m, higher than other models.

Driven by a powerful BEML BS6D125, 147 kW motor at the user's service.

In terms of depth, radius and digging height, it significantly exceeds previous models: 7.32 m, 10.92 m, 10.15 m, respectively. The bucket volume varies from 0.5 m to 1.8 m.