TATRA Truck Manuals PDF

History of Tatra Trucks

  The Tatra company, which was founded in 1850, is one of the oldest automotive factories in the world and today one of the largest factories in the Czech Republic. Three quarters of Tatra's products are exported. The company is the only supplier of trucks for the Czech Army.


Despite numerous upheavals (the transfer of shares in the plant to American and Indian companies), the Czech automotive manufacturer managed to maintain the full technological cycle of car production. The Tatra enterprise has a foundry, forging and pressing and tool production, which allows the production of a fairly wide range of automotive and special equipment. Tatra's production program includes four families of heavy off-road trucks. Two of them include general purpose trucks and two are special vehicles for the army and work in difficult climate conditions.


The Tatra dump truck line is represented mainly by machines equipped with a body with one-sided unloading. They are based on a modular chassis and are completed according to customer requirements. Dump trucks with 3-sided and rear unloading are also produced. Tatra forestry trucks are capable of transporting both long and short logs and can work in any, even the most difficult road conditions.


Tatra also produces universal and special superstructures for vehicles for use in public utilities, which have a chassis with 2, 3 and 4 axles and are equipped with front-wheel drive. The Tatra model range includes fire and rescue vehicles.


The T163-3 series is an updated segment of heavy trucks with a classic bonnet layout and a 6x6 wheel arrangement. Trucks are used to work in off-road and difficult climatic conditions. The Tatra FORCE model is a series with a 6x6 and 8x8 wheel formula, which is used to work in particularly difficult climatic conditions. Such vehicles can be equipped with airborne army platforms, a container loading system and tanks. Armored cabins are made to order.



Separately, it is necessary to talk about the cabins of Tatra brand vehicles. So, the T 815-2 series and the commercial line TERRN ° 1, ARMAX and FORCE can have not only a basic short cab. They are also equipped with an enlarged cab with a sleeper for drivers in the space behind the seats. Another option is an extended four-door cab that can accommodate 6 passengers. As standard, a tilting cab is provided, fixed to the frame with rubber bushings and telescopic shock absorbers or with pneumatic cylinders.