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History of Dino Lift

  Dinolift is specialized in the design and manufacture of mobile lifting platforms.

More than 70% of products are sold outside of Finland, mainly in the Nordic countries. In general, DINO lifts are sold in more than 40 countries.

Dinolift Oy's quality management system has received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

This year the Dinolift plant is celebrating its anniversary. So much time has passed since the family business Kurpan Konepaja produced the first Dino trailer lift. Then in 1974, inspired by the feedback from customers who started using the Kurpan Konepaja lift, he began to think about expanding the range and increasing the efficiency of his elevators.

A lot has changed during this time, but to this day Dino lifts are considered the benchmark for safety, quality and efficiency.


Technical description Dino 280

The Dino 285RXT self-propelled lift has a lightweight design and differs from other self-propelled articulated lifts by the absence of a counterweight on the tower. Stability on the lift is ensured by powerful outriggers. Due to its high weight, the Dino 280 RXT can be transported between objects on a small tow truck or carriage. The Dino 280 RXT lift has a new boom design with a JIB section 1.6 m long with a range of 140 °, which provides access to the most inaccessible places, and for maximum comfort and efficient operation, this model is equipped with a hydraulic drive for rotating the basket relative to the boom with a range of 18 . With a maximum working height of 28 meters and a horizontal reach of 16 meters, the Dino 280 RXT is able to perform almost all the necessary tasks on a construction and industrial site. Like all lifts in the RXT series, this elbow lift is equipped with a full range of features for maximum mobility. The lift is equipped with all-wheel drive, differential lock, oscillating front axle and crab travel.