TOYOTA Truck Manuals PDF

History of Toyota

  Toyota truck, Toyota Toyoace is one of the representatives of cars produced by a Japanese company, which has become popular and in demand not only in Asia, but also on all continents. In Australia, the truck is known as the Toyota 25, in other regions it is known as the Toyota Dyna. Small overall dimensions allow it to pass where cars with big loading capacity will not be able to maneuver. Toyota Toyoace and Dyna feel confident on rural roads and in dense city traffic.

The first Toyota trucks appeared in 1959. They were constantly modified, produced as vans with conventional and twin cabs, pickup trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks, refrigerators, and as ordinary trucks with short and long wheelbases. Truck-based minibuses and fixed-route taxis became popular.


The latest generation of these cars appeared in 2011. They differ from their predecessors in an improved engine with a common rail system. Cars with an automatic transmission appeared, and the number of gears in a manual transmission was increased to 6. In addition to models with the usual diesel power units, modifications appeared with gasoline and LPG engines.

All Toyota trucks are assembled only in Japan, and Toyota Dyna in Portugal and Taiwan.


The front is equipped with a spring suspension with bushings and pins without silent blocks. The rear suspension is spring, reinforced with springs. This design made it possible to establish a load capacity of 3 tons for the car. Practice has shown that in Russia it can handle the transportation of goods up to 5 tons.

Toyoace and Dyna trucks are divided into 4 groups:

plain - Cargo 1t;

two-ton - Cargo 2t;

dump trucks - Dump;

Vans - Van.


Front and rear wheels with low-profile tires 225x60x17.5 are attached with 6 studs.

Low profile tires are not used to give the car a distinctive look. It solves several problems:

Toyota truck confidently enters turns;

when the front wheel breaks, it is much easier for the driver to keep the truck and not create an accident.

The rear brakes are drum type, the front brakes can be either drum or disc type.

The car is designed for an onboard voltage of 24 V. For this, 2 small 12 V batteries are used. Large headlights create good lighting.

The vacuum receiver is installed on the right side. It helps to depress the clutch and brake pedals.

The engine is located under the driver's cab. This arrangement increases visibility, creates comfort for the driver. To gain access to the engine, it is enough to release the stopper located near the driver's door and raise the cab without effort. The whole procedure takes a few seconds.

All Toyota trucks are rear wheel drive. Gearbox 5-speed.