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Adria int-astella
Adria int-astella
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Adria int-caravans
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Adria int-motorhomes
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The History of Adria campervan

 Adria, a company founded in Slovenia in 1965. One of the first direct manufacturers of Caravan in Europe; advantage in time, thanks to which the company takes a leading position in the field of materials and design. The first was called "Adria 375" and was sold and exhibited in Sweden. A corporate spirit focused on bringing together different countries and lifestyles, striving to meet the needs of all customers. To understand the commercial size of this company, just imagine that it has (as of 2013) 842 permanent employees. The promise and mission of Adria is to satisfy all fans and users of motorhomes by increasing technology and innovation every year.

ADRIA Aviva, winner of the European Innovation Award, presents a customized caravan that is easy to buy and use. Elegantly designed interior with new upholstery options to choose from. With innovative elements and available in a large number of layouts.


Internal design

Comfortable bedrooms with all kinds of bed options, up to seven beds (depending on layouts).

Innovative, exclusive storage solutions for accessories - box system.

Handy little things like Bluetooth and USB.

Large convertible living spaces with elegant interior design and new upholstery options to choose from.

Gas-air heating.

Adria Smart Kitchen.

Ergonomic shower with fold-down basin.

outdoor design


Exclusive, innovative and functional front storage space.

Sturdy polyester construction with impact-resistant sidewalls.

Chassis ALKO.

Integrated pretent tire and third repeater.

Integrated garage for storage.

GFK body with embossed aluminum sides and LED lighting.