GINAF Truck Service Manual PDF

GINAF HPVS, EVS Service Manual
GINAF HPVS, EVS Service Manual
GINAF HPVS, EVS Service Manual.pdf
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History of GINAF Trucks

 GINAF from Holland with a carrying capacity of as much as 70 tons, and a gross weight of almost a hundred tons.

The engine is American Cummins. Gearbox - German ZF AS Tronic. Drive axles - Sisu from Finland. Body - Polish KH-Kipper. The powerful frame, as well as the hydropneumatic suspension, are Dutch. The cabin, as already mentioned, is from the Turkish-Brazilian Ford Cargo model, and such machines will work in Brazil.

The Dutch have long specialized in the creation of multi-axle, super-heavy and other very special trucks: they are produced by two companies, Terberg and GINAF. And if the first builds its cars on Volvo units. By the way, it was GINAF that in 1976 created one of the first four-axle dump trucks with all-wheel drive in Europe, and in 1984 one of the first European dump trucks.


But now you won’t surprise anyone with both four-axle and five-axle in Holland: most of the leading European truck manufacturers offer them there. Therefore, GINAF has found a new niche - recently popular mining dump trucks with components from serial trucks.

So of the unusual components here - except perhaps the electronic system of the last axle and the electronically controlled hydropneumatic suspension (HPVS) - they are produced by GINAF itself. Such a suspension not only performs the function of an anti-roll bar, but also automatically distributes the load along the axles.

By the way, when overloaded by more than 20%, the electronics reduces the speed of the dump truck to 3 km / h, and behind the cab there is a load information system - with color signaling devices and a display on which the weight of the load is displayed. We would equip dump trucks in our country with all this so that they would be discouraged from overloading!

Meanwhile, GINAF is working on a project for an even heavier, 100-ton quarry, and they promise that its prototype will be ready in 2016.