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Sipma PK 4000 KOSTKA User Manual
Sipma PK 4000 KOSTKA User Manual
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The History of SIPMA baler

   The company SIPMA (Poland) has an enviable and rich biography. During its existence, it constantly expanded through acquisitions and mergers with geographically close and technologically similar enterprises in its region.

PK 4010 Sipma baler

SIPMA PK 4000 KOSTKA baler is an ideal machine for collecting straw, which is also used successfully for harvesting hay. Optimum design, excellent working parameters, strength and reliability of the machine are the qualities thanks to which SIPMA SA has been producing these presses for more than 30 years, constantly improving their design.

The design of the press chamber makes it possible to adjust the degree of compression (up to 180 kg/m³), to set the briquette length from 0.3 to 1.3 m, and to set bales falling in different planes.


The balanced connecting rod-piston system increases the convenience of the operator and reduces the harmful effect of vibrations on the aggregated tractor.

The hydraulic method of lifting the pick-up increases the comfort and safety of work.

The use of two knitting machines - bales formed by a press are quickly and carefully tied.


The application of machine protection guarantees long-term and safe work. A one-way friction clutch on the flywheel (900 Nm) protects the drive shaft. The main automatic clutch protecting the entire machine (six disc springs) is additionally installed behind the flywheel. Cut screws protect the needles and binding device. In addition, the heater and pick-up are equipped with overload clutches.


 Additional equipment (options):

The electronic counter allows you to control the number of rolls made.

Electric equipment allows you to move on public roads without additional costs.

A bale chute ensures that bales are transported directly to the trailer that follows the baler, significantly reducing labor costs and increasing picking productivity. The use of a chute additionally increases the degree of compression.

The knotter for tying with a cord is installed on a separate order.

The cord store in the knotter version ensures continuous cord delivery to the tying device.