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The History of Gehl Excavator

The history of excavators goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. It was during that period that the first steam engine was invented, designed for digging trenches, creating embankments and quarrying. The device was called the “Otis shovel”, since it was the American engineer William Otis who launched the conveyor production of excavators, then still moving on the railroad.


In the 20s of the twentieth century, excavators were put on caterpillar tracks. In the middle of the last century, caterpillar excavators were produced by about 5 companies, today more than 100 companies produce mining and small-sized crawler equipment. One of the leading positions among companies producing excavators is the American company GEHL.

GEHL has a long history of manufacturing construction and agricultural machinery. The history of the company begins in the distant 1859. From that time to the present, the engineering staff of the company has improved the quality of equipment and strengthened its global position in the echelon of tracked and wheeled vehicles. The company has many offices around the world and is expanding the scope of production. One of the most popular areas of production today are GEHL crawler and small-sized excavators.


Crawler excavators

GEHL excavators are characterized as a reliable machine with excellent ergonomics. Almost every model has a large roomy and comfortable cabin, which has excellent noise isolation. The interface, which is equipped with all modern models of GEHL excavators, can be called one of the best among all manufactured equipment. Many experts believe that the main advantage of GEHL excavators is the hydraulic system of their own production, which ensures the simultaneous operation of all functions.

Model 1202 is considered the largest and heaviest model of American excavators. The model is classified as mobile equipment, which perfectly maneuvers in cramped conditions. The excavator has 2 working gears, at the first speed the machine can reach speeds of up to 4 km / h, and at the 2nd 6 km / h. The model is equipped with a 4-cylinder Yanmar / 4TNE106T turbodiesel engine with a power of 98 hp. The length of the excavator is 4.15 m, the height from the base to the top of the cab is 2.8 m, and the width is 2.4 m. to a depth of 4.5 m, and the loading height is 5.41 m. The mass of this miracle machine is 11.5 tons.

The famous GEHL hydraulic system is equipped with 3 pumps, with 2 pumps constantly operating in alternating mode, and the 3rd pump is responsible for the drive itself. At the same time, the total hydraulic flow rate is 260 l/min, having a working pressure of 300 bar. The filling volume of the excavator bucket is 420l.