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The History of Potain Crane

  The famous French company Potain S.A.S. is one of the three leading world leaders in the production of this type of equipment.


The company was founded in 1928. The first tower crane was produced in 1933.


In 1970, the Potain Training Center was opened, in which about 2000 specialists are trained annually in 20 different areas.


In 1984, Potain transferred the general license for the production of tower cranes to the Ministry of Machinery Industry of the Republic of China. Five years later, the company enters into an agreement with the Ministry of Heavy Industry of China on the transfer of technology for the production of equipment.


In March 2001, Potain became a division of the Manitowoc Cranes Group.


Beginning of 2008. The company acquires a plant in the Indian city of Pune. Previously, Potain tower cranes were produced at these facilities under license from the company.


Potain owns six factories located in Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, China and India. Approximately three thousand fast-erecting cranes are produced annually. Throughout its history, Potain has manufactured and sold over one hundred thousand units.


More than 60 models of Potain tower cranes are currently produced with a lifting capacity of up to 160 tons.


The largest deal can be considered a one-time order in 2007 for 208 Potain tower cranes by a company from the UAE.