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Krone Fahrerhandbuch
Krone Fahrerhandbuch
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Krone LOAD CARRIER Operating Instructions Manual
Krone LOAD CARRIER Operating Instructions Manual
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Krone Profi Liner Operating Instructions Manual
Krone Profi Liner Operating Instructions Manual
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The History of Krone trailer

  The history of the foundation of the company begins at the beginning of the 20th century, when Bernard Krone from the city of Spelle, Germany, builds a small forge, and in the 30s, a new generation of successors of the company's business is engaged in the production of equipment for agriculture.

During the war, the factories were completely destroyed, so the new workshop was built only three years after the end of hostilities, and in 1963, a branch of the company was opened in Werlte, where the production of semi-trailers began 8 years later.


The company's engineers were the first in the world to develop a reinforced floor structure for transporting multi-ton metal coils with wire or cable, and in the early 90s, a new vehicle with a volume of 100 cubic meters. The representative office of Krone-Wabash A/S, Denmark, opens at the very beginning of the 21st century, the profile of the plant is the production of refrigerated semi-trailers.

In 2008, the company launches a new vehicle concept under the general name "Ecological Liner", where fuel economy is due to improved aerodynamic qualities.

Then, together with Doğuş Otomotiv from Turkey, new production facilities are opened in the city of Tire, which today produces 3 thousand models of the Krone semi-trailer brand - class - refrigerators a year.


Fahrzeugwerk Krone has 26 branches and representative offices in Germany and 35 countries, which are located in Europe, Asia, for example, in Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. The technical potential of enterprises allows to produce up to 35 thousand units of equipment annually.

General characteristics of Krone semi-trailers

In its class, the company's curtain-sided vehicles rank second in Europe, the load on the fifth wheel coupling is limited to 12,000 tons.


Purpose and benefits

Among the advantages, the following technical characteristics of Kron semi-trailers should be noted:

smooth running and reliable design;

powder coating protects against corrosion;

component parts from lamps to complex units, for example, a movable roof mechanism, are easily replaceable, which made it possible to significantly reduce material costs during operation;

the side walls of the refrigerators are made of durable steel, and the rear doors are equipped with reliable sealing rubber for sealing;

sizes are suitable for transporting goods of various dimensions;

the chassis is designed in such a way that it can be used on tracks with different surfaces - from highways to country roads;

a wide range of modifications.

Each model with the KRONE logo is designed for comfortable transportation of goods and is able to perform any task with high quality.