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JAC Forklift CPCD20-25-30-35
JAC Forklift CPCD20-25-30-35
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JAC Forklift CPCD10-15-18
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The History of JAC forklift

  JAC Construction machine Co., LTD is an enterprise for the production of electric forklifts and lift trucks (diesel, gasoline and gas), trucks and buses.

In the production of lifting equipment, equipment and technologies from leading Japanese companies are used: NISSAN, TCM, ISUZU.

In 2004, JAC Corporation obtained the international ISO 9001 certification, becoming a professional manufacturer of a complete series of loaders from 1 to 10 tons.

Forklifts are exported to 25 countries of the world: USA, Japan, Italy, Denmark, etc.

In terms of comparative characteristics in terms of product quality, JAC is not inferior to world manufacturers of loading equipment, such as TCM, KOMATSU, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI.

One of the most interesting types of JAC equipment can be called forklifts, the sale of which has become an important area of interest for the company in Ukraine.

The fact is that forklifts are used for loading and unloading operations both in the open air (at railway stations, in ports, etc.), and in warehouses or territories of plants and factories.


 Accordingly, it is necessary to choose a gasoline or diesel forklift for outdoor operation in order to avoid engine damage.

For the entire series of JAC models, the transmission system uses a planetary gear configuration, which leads to increased reliability of the equipment and, accordingly, increases the operational life of the equipment. Sale is carried out in two variations - three-bearing and four-bearing.

 The 3-point design provides greater mobility to the forklift, while the 4-point design allows for better structural stability during operation. For this reason, three-wheel forklifts have a lower lifting capacity and cannot be used for work requiring the movement of loads exceeding two tons.

Confidence is also added by the stability of the product, which is ensured by a powerful braking system that allows you to stop the loader at any time exactly where you need it. The braking system is not only a four-wheel (or three-wheel, which is less stable) design, but also that the steering is fully hydraulic. For greater ease of use of the JAC forklift, all tools and devices were placed by the developers on the front panel.


 When buying, special attention should be paid to the pitchfork. Almost always, goods on forklifts are moved on special pallets, which, in turn, are mounted on forks. Keep this in mind when choosing equipment, because the maneuverability of the loader depends on it, as well as in which places it can be used, because bulky pallets cannot be installed on a loader operating in a warehouse with a limited area. Of course, in addition to pallets, there are other equipment mounted on forks, for example, a load hook, a pin lift, etc.