YUEJIN Truck Manual PDF

History of Yuejin Trucks

   Many brands of commercial vehicles are produced in China: JAC, FAW, Yuejin, BAW, Dong Feng, Foton. The top-selling car in 2007 is Yuejin, which is manufactured by Yuejin Motor Corporation.

We decided to select the best seller, model NJ1041DBZ, a low-bed delivery truck with a three-seater cab and a load capacity of 2 tons.


The appearance of the car is very modern: a small cab above the engine, slanted headlights. The solid glazing of the cab speaks of good visibility, which means safety. The chromed Yuejin-embossed grille and round fog lamps integrated into the cab-colored front bumper look good. Getting into the cab is quite comfortable. A driver of any build can get comfortable behind the wheel. The passenger seat is the same size as the driver's, and the middle one is slightly smaller, and if you fold its back, you get a kind of table with two cup holders and a small glove compartment. We also liked the ergonomics. All necessary controls are at hand and easily accessible from the driver's seat. The instrument panel looks simple, it contains only the most necessary information. Mirrors of medium size are fixed on the cab itself, and not on the doors. Divorced widely - so that visibility does not deteriorate if a van is installed instead of an onboard body.


The truck is equipped with a 4-cylinder turbodiesel with intercooled charge air. Engine displacement - 3298 cm3, maximum power - 95 hp. at 3200 rpm. The motor fits into Euro 2 toxicity standards. The five-speed manual gearbox has a shift cable drive. This allows you to put the gearshift lever in a convenient place and simplify the shift mechanism itself. The dynamics of the engine pleased: the speed is picked up rather quickly, the gears are switched smoothly and clearly, although the efforts when switching are too big.

You need to tilt the cab manually, this can be done by one person without much difficulty. Under the cab, you can see the steering device. The design solution is standard: screw-nut steering mechanism with built-in hydraulic booster. The wheel turns very easily. Truck suspension dependent, leaf spring, with double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers. The rear multi-leaf springs are equipped with sprung springs to increase stiffness when the load increases.

The brake system is dual-circuit, hydraulic drive, with a vacuum booster. Brakes on all wheels - drum. We did not like that both in empty and loaded condition the rear axle wheels are the first to block. The car has a transmission parking brake, which effectively slows down a loaded car on a slope. But if one of the wheels hits a slippery surface in the absence of a differential lock, it is already difficult to fix the car on the rise.


The disadvantages of the car include some noise in the cabin. But with climatic comfort in the Yuejin cabin, everything is in order. The flow of warm air perfectly blows the windshield and side windows, as well as the legs. The advantages include good maintainability of the units.