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The History of WEREMCZUK combines

WEREMCZUK FMR is the largest manufacturer of currant harvesters in the world, both trailed semi-row harvesters and self-propelled single-row harvesters designed for large plantations. We have over 25 years of experience in currant harvesting. Combines successfully work on plantations in Poland, in all countries of the European Union where currants are cultivated, as well as in Canada and the USA.


The harvester is a specialized self-propelled harvester in the professional harvesting of currants and aronia, which is an excellent solution for plantations from 30-40 hectare up to several hundred hectares.

The first harvester models were introduced to the market over 10 years ago and met with great recognition among their users, which is confirmed by the awards received.

After 10 years, we can say that currant and aronia growers all over the world know and appreciate our harvester due to its fast and efficient operation, excellent harvesting quality and the use of technological and design solutions that allow the machine to be adapted to the requirements of each plantation.

The design of the working and trolley units of the combine was developed by WEREMCZUK. The harvester is designed and adapted to work on several tens of hectares of plantations, where the bushes are planted in a trellis without any supports, at a distance of rows of minutes. 3.70 m. Thanks to these conditions, a very good quality of berries and a high harvest yield are obtained.


The harvester uses a harvesting system based on two shakers installed in relation to each other. This system, combined with the optimal geometry of the transition of bushes through the shaking unit, as well as the use of an oscillating hitch, guarantees almost 100% harvesting efficiency, without any damage to the bushes, thanks to which up to 20 tons of very high quality berries can be harvested per hectare.


Due to the hydraulic drives of the working and trolley units, there is a wide range of adjustment to help adapt the working parameters to the requirements of the plantation. The combine has settings:

shaking force,

thrust force of cleaning fans,

conveyor belt speed.

Hydraulic systems of the harvester: trolley and working elements are superbly based on specialized hydraulic equipment produced by well-known European companies.

The harvester is designed for harvesting bushes from the second year of fruiting.

The harvester can be equipped with two types of heads: for currants (gooseberries) or for aronia. The chokeberry heads work with an increased oscillation amplitude compared to the currant heads, which is suitable for harvesting chokeberry bushes. Combines can be made in several versions, depending on the crops, the size of the bushes and the requirements regarding the acceptance of berries.


Depending on the requirements of the Client, the harvester can be equipped with different types of acceptance of berries:

cleaning in standard boxes and plastic containers – standard version and extra standard version with enlarged platforms,

acceptance of berries by the side conveyor to the next rows,

acceptance of berries in standard boxes and plastic containers placed on euro pallets unloaded by hydraulic lifts to the ground level.

The harvester fulfills all the norms and requirements of the European Union regarding the safety of the machine. As a standard, each machine comes with an instruction manual, available in Polish, English, German. Other language versions are available upon special request of the Client.