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The History of Manitowoc Crane

  One of the world's leading manufacturers of lifting equipment is the Manitowoc Company Inc. Hundreds of thousands of cranes produced at the factories of this multinational industrial company are working on construction sites in different countries. Another area of activity of the corporation is the production of automatic machines for the production of ice and refrigeration equipment.


Manitowoc Company Inc.'s principal crane manufacturing division is the Manitowoc Crane Group, headquartered in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA.

Under the "wing" of Manitowoc Crane Group, enterprises producing tower cranes, crawler cranes with lattice booms, industrial and mobile hydraulic cranes are united. The company's products are represented by such world famous brands as Grove, Manitowoc, Potain, National Crane and Shuttlelift.


The merger of Manitowoc, Grove Crane and Potain, which took place in 2002, was caused by the desire to present the entire line of crane equipment within one corporation, thereby expanding its presence in this market.

The oldest of the companies included in the Manitowoc Crane Group is the American Manitowoc. It traces its history back to 1925, when the first lattice boom crawler crane in the United States was manufactured at the company's plant in Manitowoc.

Since then, the “Manitowoc” brand has become a kind of symbol of all crawler cranes, and the equipment that comes off the assembly line of the enterprise is still traditionally red.

The company has more than 10 models of crawler cranes with a lattice boom with a lifting capacity from 45 to 2300 tons. But production is mainly focused on the production of heavy and extra heavy crawler cranes.


The lowest pressure on the base is achieved by using several options for counterweights. In addition, it is possible to move equipment with a load on the hook even on unpaved areas, and the mass of the load can correspond to the nominal lifting capacity of the crane.

Manitowoc has been a leader in the crawler crane market for decades, both in quantity and quality, and in innovation in manufacturing. For example, the use of FACT (Fast Alignment Connection Technology) quick assembly technology has reduced the assembly and disassembly time, the number of people and equipment involved in putting the crane into operation. Technical innovations include a telescoping shaft used to drive the tracks and protect the hydraulic system; interchangeability of the right and left caterpillars; lifting drums that provide a constant cable tension.