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The History of Kartar Combine

The Indian manufacturer of special equipment Kartar Agro was established in 1965. The company was founded by a successful and experienced entrepreneur Sardar Amarjit Singh. Kartar is considered to be the leading manufacturer of self-propelled combine harvesters, motorless combine harvesters, knotters, corn harvesters as well as rotary cultivators in India. The company's products have the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate. The high quality, performance and affordability of Kartar agricultural equipment has made it very popular in export markets. Kartar products are supplied to African countries (Zambia, Burkina Faso), Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


The products of the Indian manufacturer Kartar can be purchased through a specialized network of dealers. This company is well known in its own country due to the production of high-quality tractors and combines. The products have also been evaluated in Europe. It is characterized by ease of use, long service life and reasonable price. Today the company produces about 1000 combines per year. Most of them remain in the domestic market of the country.