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The History of Luna Crane

  In 1960, already having the experience of such works, Manuel Luna Pergach opens the workshop for the repair of agricultural vehicles and cars performing public work.

The development of the Spanish economy, a high requirement for equipment in the national market led to the expansion of business. And two years later, the company began to produce hydrovalic lifting cranes.

During subsequent liters, the production of cranes expanded to 40 cranes per year, while the repair remained at the secondary level.

The room was expanded, in parallel with an increase in production and in 1975, when more than 600 lifting cranes were produced, it was decided to build a new factory for the production of high tonnage lifts, from 10 tons to 50 tons of lifting capacity.

Both factories continued to develop in parallel, and in 1989 the lifts plant was increased in order to start the production of richstakers, the first copy of which was delivered by Spanish railways during the year.

In 1996, the new product was added to the assortment of the Luna company: mobile lifting cranes for Panamax sizes.

Now more than 3,000 machines of the Moon are effectively working around the world.

Factories are in Huesca and Almudévar.

The Luna company is one of the first European companies received a certificate of quality ISO 9001 (1994).


Off-road cranes Luna AT-50 (38)

The car Luna AT 50/38 crane with a carrying capacity of 50 tons is designed for loading and unloading and construction work at dispersed facilities. The installation is mounted on a special automobile chassis with a 6x6x6 wheel formula with the possibility of moving a “crab move”. The distribution of axial loads provides optimal value for public roads. A five -section telescopic arrow 38 m long ensures the compactness and maneuverability of the crane during crossings, an extensive working area (360 degrees). To increase the height of the hook and the size of the adversary space, the crane is equipped with a 2-sectioned coatenum with a variable tilt angle (0-15-30-45 degrees) 15m long, which is attached to the arrow heading. In the transport position, the bugs are turned and fixed to the side. The safe operation of the crane is provided by a set of devices and devices, including a microprocessor load limiter with digital indication of parameters on the display in the driver's cab.