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Avr Service Manuals
Avr Service Manuals
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The History of AVR

  The Belgian company AVR introduced to the market Two-row lateral digging potato harvesters are used for harvesting potatoes cultivated by ridge technology on row spacings of 75 and 90 cm, separating tubers from potato tops, vegetable and other impurities, accumulating potato tubers in a bunker and unloading them into a vehicle. For work on stony soils, the combine is equipped with a share protection, a brush separator for tubers and a box for collecting stones and transporting them to the edge of the field. It is possible to harvest other root crops (beets, onions, etc.) with a combine. Basic equipment of combines AVR Spirit 6200.

General device. Engagement in the earring from below, the drive of mechanisms from the PTO (540 rpm) and the hydraulic system of the tractor. Gear box. Autonomous hydraulic system. Mechanism for hydraulic adjustment of the lateral roll of the combine body. Hydraulic wheel steering from the tractor and automatic return. Wheel size 700/50 - 26.5. Dimensional lighting. Alarm. Hydraulic drawbar control. Hydraulic stand. Pneumatic brake system.

Control. Electromagnetic control CAN-Datenbus. Remote control, multifunctional joystick and display in the tractor cab for additional control. Emergency switch on the inspection table.

Digging device. Removable single-leaf plowshare. The copying drum of the conducted type. Automatic comb guidance by drum copying the comb. Spring-loaded disc knives with a diameter of 400 mm. Haulm-pulling spring-loaded rollers.

 Soil separation. Three-speed gearbox of the separating conveyor and the haulm separator conveyor. Two separating conveyors. Digging conveyor with PUR drive. Step of the receiving conveyor 35, 40, 43 or 50 mm. Screening conveyor pitch 36, 40 or 43 mm. The width of the working area of the conveyors is 1650 mm. The drive of the receiving conveyor is universal.