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Roadbrute trailer CFAF-1080_Broch
Roadbrute trailer CFAF-1080_Broch
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Roadbrute CFAF-1080_Broch13
Roadbrute CFAF-1080_Broch13
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The History of Roadbrute trailer

  The Roadbrute straight deck and drop deck flatbeds have played a prominent role in making the combination steel and aluminum flatbeds as popular as they are today. Our Roadbrute features outstanding weights, unbeatable capacities, and unprecedented durability at competitive prices.

 Product Details

Here are some of the recent refinements we have done to make the Roadbrutes even better than before:


New patented side rail and securement design

New aluminum floor

New aluminum crossbar design

Weight savings near 1,500 lb.

Corrosion resistant king pin

1-piece main beam front to rear

Capacities up to 90,000 lb.

Check out the Roadbrute Advantages and Popular Options to see why Wilson is your best choice for combination steel and aluminum flatbed and drop deck trailers.



Available in 40'-0' through 53'-0' overall length(s) in even one-foot increments.


Nominal 96' standard; 102' width available as extra-cost option.


56-1/4' - no load on 11-24.5 tires.

King Pin

Corsol™ treated ladder frame assembly. Standard setting is 30'. Other settings available.

Landing Gear

Holland Atlas 55, 2-speed, located 145' from front of trailer; aluminum braces are standard.


6-1/4' high extruded aluminum channel; 2-piece front channel standard with 2-cast rounded corners. Extra stake pockets are available as an extra cost option.

Spare Tire Carrier

Optional at extra cost.


TJ-style side rails are 6-1/4' high extruded aluminum channel incorporating a 'Quick Tie' load securement system. Stake pockets are 3-1/2' wide x 1-5/8' deep x 4-1/2' high on 18' centers. (24' centers are optional.) Integral to the side rail is a double 'L' winch track for sliding winches. Patent pending. (C-style side rail optional.)

Main Beams

I-beams are fabricated of 130K steel, with 3/8' x 5' flanges. The main beams for the CF-1080 are 8-3/4' deep at the front, 25' deep in belly and 18' at the rear. (CF-1060: 7' deep at the front, 23' deep in the belly and 18' at the rear – 18'. CF-1090: 10-3/4' deep at the front, 29' deep in the belly and 18' at the rear.) The trailer crown is cut into the web section; 3 sets of full depth internal cross structure to stabilize beams.


Extruded aluminum T-J type, 4-1/2'' high, on 12' centers in the king pin area; and 18' center in the balance of the trailer. 12' and 15' center spacing full length is optional.


1-3/8' aluminum floor with 4 nailer strips is standard. Other floor materials are available as an extra option. Other nailer options are available.

Rear End

Extruded aluminum rear end with two horizontal rubber bumpers. R.I.G. Bumper: aluminum tube construction is standard. Rear Stake Pockets: (4) aluminum, 3-1/2' wide x 1-5/8' deep x 4-1/2' high, flush with top of channel.