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History of UAZ Trucks

   Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is a legendary automobile plant with a long history, specializing in the production of all-wheel drive cars and commercial vehicles, as well as minibuses under the UAZ trademark.

The history of UAZ buses, vans and trucks dates back to the middle of the last century - in 1958 the UAZ-450 appeared, created on the units and assemblies of the GAZ-69; in 1965, a modernized UAZ-452 model appeared with minimal changes in appearance, but with a more economical engine from the 21st Volga and a gearbox from the new GAZ-24 model. In 1985, another modernization was carried out and modifications of UAZs received new indices. However, there is no question of a serious separation of generations - for decades, the car and numerous modifications created on its basis were produced without any significant design changes.


Car body configurations are different: in the van version, it can be a bus that can accommodate up to 10 passengers, a cargo-passenger van that can accommodate 6 passengers and 450 kg of luggage in an isolated compartment, or a van with folding seats that can carry up to 800 kg of cargo. In multi-seat cars, there are two stoves in the cabin, which makes the UAZ very warm in winter (of course, not without refinement). Very widely UAZs were used as ambulances. On-board modifications are offered with both two- and five-seater cabins, and the cargo platform can be made of metal or wood. Of the features of the car, one can note a truly Spartan environment in the cockpit, painted metal panels, primitive instruments, etc. ascetic legacy. Only since the 90s, the modernization of engines, transmission, chassis, as well as the interior has made it possible to slightly improve the technical and consumer characteristics of the model.


Initially, four-cylinder UMZ 4178.10 engines with a volume of 2.5 liters with a capacity of 74 and 76 hp were offered for the UAZ 2206. The engines were equipped with a 4-speed gearbox. Later, the cars received the UMZ-4218.10 engine with a volume increased to 2.9 liters and a power of 84 and 86 hp. Even later, on the modification of the minibus 22069, an injection engine with a power of 99 hp was installed. Higher engine performance has further improved dynamics and efficiency.


Frame construction, high ground clearance, four-wheel drive, transfer case with demultiplier - provide the car with excellent cross-country ability. Suspension - dependent, front and rear, on semi-elliptical springs, two shock absorbers on each axle. The service brake system is of a dual-circuit type, with a hydraulic drive and a vacuum booster (for models from the 90s), with drum brakes front and rear.


If we talk about safety, then as an important point, we should first of all note the characteristic cabover layout of the body, which, in the absence of any margin of space for deformation, creates conditions for severe leg injuries in a head-on collision, as well as the likelihood of falling through the windshield into if there are no seat belts. By the way, UAZs were not immediately equipped with the latter - since 2000, cars have been equipped with attachment points for static seat belts of the front seats (usually installed by dealers), since 2003 - for inertial ones. In March 2011, the car was significantly upgraded: at the same time that the power steering was added, and the engine was brought into line with the Euro-4 environmental standard, an anti-lock brake system was installed on the car.