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M Series 1.5-compact4.0t Internal Combustion Forklift
M Series 1.5-compact4.0t Internal Combustion Forklift
M Series 1.5-compact4.0t Internal Combus
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The History of MAXIMAL forklift


Diesel forklifts are the widest class of material handling equipment of this kind. Their main drawback - harmful exhaust - is compensated by autonomy, broad functionality, high traffic, reliability, and a long service life. Diesel forklifts are used in almost all areas of the economy - in industry, construction, logistics, production. Maximal loaders are classified according to three main parameters:


carrying capacity - for standard and heavy-duty;

cross-country ability - ordinary and all-terrain;

direction of loading or unloading - front and side.


Standard load range: 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 7.0, 8.0, 10, 12 tons.

Engines: Xinchai, Yanmar, Mitsubish, Isuzu, Dachai, GST, Cummins, Perkins.

Mast type: two-section with and without free lift, three-section with free lift.

Lifting height: 3000-6500 mm depending on the type of mast.

Free travel (raise without extending the mast): 135-2235 mm (without carriage guard), up to 135-1845 (with carriage guard).

Travel speed: from 14.5 to 25 km/h.

Gradeability: 15°-20°.

Turning radius: from 1825 to 4200 mm.

Tires: pneumatic, solid.

All machines are equipped with an automatic transmission with a torque converter. The production of Maximal diesel loaders is carried out by robotic welding with modern processing machines. In the company's test center, the compliance of all manufactured machines with the declared characteristics is carefully checked.


Forklift trucks

A potential user of warehouse or lifting equipment will find among the Maximal forklifts the optimal machine for solving their logistics tasks. The range of machines offered by the company covers all possible situations requiring the use of this type of equipment.


Warehouses, industrial premises with hard, even surfaces, with natural and forced ventilation.

Leveled, compacted soil and asphalt (concrete) surfaces outdoors (warehouse areas).

Natural rugged terrain in various climatic zones without specially prepared surfaces. Such conditions are common in agriculture, construction, mining, logging.

Maximal forklifts include forklifts (cars with internal combustion engine engines) and electric models.


Brand history

The Maximal forklift brand was originally owned by the Chinese company Zhejiang Maximal Forklift, founded in 2006. Maximal Corporation is well known in China and the world as a manufacturer of high-quality forklifts and other warehouse and handling equipment - reach stackers, reach trucks, stackers. In 2018, there was a takeover (acquisition of 75% of the shares) of Maximal by the American company Hyster-Yale. The newly formed corporation became known as Hyster-Yale Maximal Forklift (Zhejiang). Reference. Hyster-Yale manufactures and distributes material handling equipment and accessories worldwide. Its products are known under the brands Hyster, Yale, Bolzoni, Auramo, Meyer. Hyster-Yale is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.


Present position

The change in the management company had little effect on Maximal's operations. Its main production remained in the same place - in the city of Hangzhou, located in the Yangtze Delta. Forklift users around the world still know the Hyster-Yale Maximal Forklift (Zhejiang) under the Maximal name. They are sold in over 100 countries. The number of modifications and types of warehouse equipment of the company exceeds 130 pieces. And the output has reached 30,000 units per year. Maximal forklifts are represented by 6 families.


Diesel standard load capacity (1.5-12 t). FD line (models FD15T-M2 WC3, FD100T-MW, etc.).

Heavy-duty diesel engines (13.5-32 tons) for work in ports and with heavy loads.

Gasoline (1.5-7 tons). FGL and FL lines (models FGL15T-M2 WB3, FL457T-M1 WE3, etc.).

Electric forklifts (1.5-5 tons). FB line (models FBA15-JZ, FB18S-MJZ, etc.).

All-terrain vehicles (SUVs) (1.8–5.0 t). FD-C2(C4) line (models FD18T-C2, FD25T-C4-WE3, etc.).

Side loaders (3.5-4.5 tons). FDR line (model FDR40J-MWE, etc.).

In the production of equipment, Maximal uses components from the best international companies in its segment.


Engines: Xinchai, Dachai (China), Yanmar, Mitsubish, Isuzu, GST (Japan), Cummins (USA), Perkins (UK). The engine type is indicated in the model designation with the last letters (WC3, WB3, etc.)

Transmission: Zhongnan (China), TCM (Italy), ZF (Germany).

Hydraulic components (oil pumps, seals, cylinders, distributors): Shimadzu NOK (Japan), Parker (America), Wuhu Shuangyi, Tuobang (China).

Steering: Eaton Corporation (USA).

Driving and steering axles: Anqing (China).

Forks: Holland, China.

Ergonomic design, reliability of loaders, high safety standards.