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Daewoo Forkilt Operation & Maintenance Manual
Daewoo Forkilt Operation & Maintenance Manual
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Daewoo Forkilt Operation & Maintenance Manual
Daewoo Forkilt Operation & Maintenance Manual
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The History of DAEWOO forklift

  DAEWOO, one of the largest manufacturers of loading and road construction equipment, occupies one of the leading positions in the global market. She received her current name in 1974. Translated from Korean, “DAEWOO” means “Great Universe”. This name fully reflects the breadth of the company's interests: after all, everyone knows cars, household appliances and DAEWOO electronic devices.

The company released its first loader in 1968, when the Korean market was opened to imported loaders supplied by American and other manufacturers. The appearance of the Korean car was the start to today's achievements in this area. In 1978, the country's first DAEWOO electric forklift was introduced in Korea.

In 1993, the largest DAEWOO representative office in Europe (Belgium) was opened. At the same time, DAEWOO received a certificate of compliance with international standards UL (USA) and EU (Europe). This year is also notable for the fact that the 100,000th loader was sold.

At the international exhibition Hannover-94, the company presented twelve models of loaders. A year later, DAEWOO received the ISO 9001 quality certificate, and in 1997, the ISO 14001 certificate.

Last year, DAEWOO's network of representative offices already included 462 dealers in 87 countries. The share of exports was 72% of the annual output. There are more than 100,000 forklift trucks manufactured by the company in the USA alone. The sale of the 200,000th DAEWOO loader is expected before the end of 2000.

The D15S model differs in that it is equipped with a DAEWOO DC24 diesel engine with a working volume of 2.4 liters. This engine is equipped with glow plugs to facilitate cold starting.


Machines of the D/G15-18S series are equipped with self-adjusting brakes with a booster that reduces the effort on the brake pedal. The gearbox is specially designed for the shuttle operation of the loader and allows you to smoothly change the speed of movement in the forward and reverse direction.

The D/G25S series lift trucks have a load capacity of 2,000 to 3,000 kg. These are time-tested, durable and reliable machines. They are the product of "World Technology". The machines are equipped with HERCULES engines, specially developed by American engineers for forklifts. With a displacement of 2.7 liters, this engine has a maximum power of 48.5 hp. and high torque at low rpm. Its price makes up the bulk of the cost of a forklift, but it's worth it! The recommended interval between oil changes in the engine is 500 (!) motor hours, while for machines with other engines this procedure is performed every 250 motor hours. Now more than 30 thousand forklift trucks equipped with the HERCULES engine are working for consumers.


Oil bath disc brakes are DAEWOO's major achievement. None of the existing industrial analogues can compete with this braking system. The 10,000 hour warranty is not a gimmick. DAEWOO estimates that brake overhaul will only be needed after the machine has been running between 15,000 and 20,000 hours. For comparison, let's say that conventional brake pads most often need to be replaced after 1,000 to 1,500 hours of operation.

The D/G15-18 and D/G25 series lift trucks have a noise level not exceeding 85 dB(A), which is the BITA or American National Standards Institute average noise level.

DAEWOO electric forklifts of the B15T (three-bearing) and B25S series are distinguished by a technically advanced microprocessor controller (logic unit). They are equipped with the latest devices to control and monitor the operation of the loader. The built-in self-diagnostic system, displaying a fault code, provides a quick check without the use of external test equipment. In the event of a malfunction, the same system blocks the operation of the loader.

Three-bearing DAEWOO B15T series electric forklifts have two reversible traction motors. This allows them to turn around their own axis and work in particularly cramped conditions - in narrow aisles with a small distance between racks.