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History of UD Trucks

   Having become part of the Volvo Group under its own name, Nissan Motor in 2010, by analogy with Mack Truck, Renault Truck and Volvo Truck, which are also members of this alliance, changed its name to UD Truck. The brand logo of the company is the abbreviation UD, which received a new interpretation - Ultimate Dependability. From that moment on, all cars produced by the company flaunt the UD logo.


The transition under the jurisdiction of the Volvo Group contributed to the modernization and replacement of obsolete truck models with more advanced ones. In addition, the model range was significantly expanded, which, starting from 2010, includes at least 14 vehicle modifications.

UD Truck is constantly modernizing its trucks and, at every opportunity, demonstrates its new products to potential consumers.

UD Truck is constantly modernizing its trucks and, at every opportunity, demonstrates its new products to potential consumers.


In 2010, serial production of updated trucks of the QUON series was launched. They received new diesel engines such as GH 11 and GH 13. These engines were developed specifically for trucks and differ from their predecessors in increased power, high torque and economical fuel consumption. In addition, these motors are lighter and have high environmental parameters. New power units are aggregated with a specially designed 12-speed gearbox (gearbox).

The instrument panel of new cars is supplemented with a multi-purpose display, and increased operational safety is ensured by the electronic efficient braking system EBS (Electronic Breking System), which ensures the safety of movement not only for body cars (Medium version), but also for tractors with semi-trailers (High version).

UD Truck celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2015. In this regard, the company prepared especially carefully for the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015, having prepared for demonstration, among other exhibits, two trucks of the QUON family:


A conceptual sample of the QUON Vision mainline tractor, which is a symbol of Smart Logistics, the main direction in the company's work.

The new three-axle truck - the flagship of the QUON series - is ready for mass production.

Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015, the new QUON heavy truck is set to become the flagship of the UD Truck range. During its development, special attention was paid to:

reduction of operating costs;

performance improvement.

Both of these tasks are largely solved through the use of the latest UDIS (UD Information Service) telematics system, developed by the company's specialists in collaboration with Volvo Group engineers. The system with the help of GPS allows you to control at a distance:

The technical condition of the car.

Average fuel consumption.

Location and route compliance.

A significant reduction in the weight of the truck was achieved through an optimized chassis design and the use of new, lighter turbodiesel engines with a cylinder capacity of 11 liters.