OPEL Truck Owner Manuals PDF

History of OPEL

The Opel brand continues its own "reboot", which started in 2019. If last year the main emphasis was placed on building a line of key passenger models, then this year 2020 can be called the “Year of Commercial Opel Vehicles” with confidence. Since the beginning of the year and until now, sales of commercial vans and cargo-passenger vans of Opel have started, which allow the Brand to form a completely updated line of cars.

Opel's line of commercial vehicles includes three main models that differ in their dimensions and cargo capabilities. Against this background, it is especially worth noting the "hot" novelty in the Brand's commercial range - the Opel Movano large van. This model is offered with two body types: a closed van or a chassis with a single/double cab. The van is available in all standard sizes: from the compact L1H1 version to the maximum L4H3 with a gross weight of 4.5 tons. The chassis-cab variant starts with the short L2 version with a gross weight of up to 3.5 tons and ends with the long base L4 with a gross weight of up to 4.5 tons.

Already, a limited batch of Opel Movano van L2H2 or L3H2 is available to customers. These versions offer maximum usable volume and cargo capacity - up to 12.5 cubic meters. m (for the version with the L3H2 body) and up to 1,535 kg (for the version with the L2H2 body). In two cases, the car is equipped with front-wheel drive, as well as a 2.3-liter diesel engine paired with a 6-speed. manual transmission. This combination guarantees maneuverability and ease of control, low fuel consumption. At the same time, the engine power is 125 hp. enough for a confident and quiet ride, even with the maximum load. In addition, the flagship Opel Movano model stands out for its good equipment: ABS and ESP, a large fuel tank (80 l), a reinforced generator (185 A), a rear view camera, rear hinged doors and two sliding side doors, a multifunctional passenger seat (table, compartment for things).

Medium-sized commercial model Opel Vivaro, which is offered in two versions at once - fully cargo and passenger-and-freight.

Vivaro family: for cargo and passengers

The spacious cargo van Opel Vivaro will equally successfully cope with transport tasks both in a densely populated city and on long-distance country trips. The car is available in two versions with different body lengths: L1 (4.9 m) or L2 (5.3 m) - in the latter case, the useful volume of the cargo compartment is 6.6 cubic meters. m, and even 4-meter lengths will fit inside. All versions of the Opel Vivaro have a reinforced suspension and are designed for a load capacity of up to 1,400 kg. At the same time, a 2-liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 150 hp is hidden under the hood of the Opel Vivaro. - be sure that he will cope with any load.


The cargo-passenger van Opel Vivaro Crew Cab deserves special attention. This is a real "jack of all trades". The cabin has two rows of seats and six seats (including the driver) - you can transport a family or a small team of workers. In the rear part of the body there is a cargo compartment with a useful volume of 5.5 cubic meters. m and with the possibility of transporting 2.3-meter long lengths. The vehicle is equipped with all the necessary equipment both for the comfort of people and for the convenience of transporting goods: ABS and ESP, front and side airbags, cruise control and air conditioning, a 7-inch touch screen display with the Mirror Screen function, anti-slip flooring, transformable passenger seats (an increase in the cargo compartment, a compartment for storing small items).

In addition, the exhibition presents the most compact Opel Combo model in the form of a passenger version of Life. This car is the perfect embodiment of a universal transport for private use: on the one hand, it is suitable for the role of a minivan for transporting a family, on the other hand, when the seats are folded, it can be used as a spacious commercial van.