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XCMG Catalogue
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XCMG 750
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The History of  XCMG Crane

Concern XCMG or Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Inc. is one of the largest in the world in the production of special equipment, in particular, truck cranes and hydraulic manipulators. The company has a number of advantages over competitors, offers a wide range of products.

XCMG was founded in 1898 in Xuzhou, China. In a short period of time, it has taken a leading position in the segment of special equipment. The corporation developed rapidly, in the early 90s, the annual revenue was 386 million yuan.


The founders of the concern were determined, therefore, after two decades, XCMG has become a leader in China and gained popularity around the world. The annual turnover was 2 trillion. dollars, and export deliveries - more than 120 million dollars.

In terms of quality, products are in no way inferior to well-known Korean and German brands. Since 1985, XCMG has been cooperating with US and German corporations. It has absorbed many years of experience in the development of foreign brands.


Since 1997, the corporation has received state support. Now XCMG is a conglomerate that is owned by the government of Xuzhou City. Nationalization did not affect the activities of the concern. It continues to be a leader in its industry.

 It spreads to the territory of America, Africa, Europe, East Asia and the Middle East. Products are sold in more than 150 countries around the world.

XCMG has several divisions. Chinese truck cranes are produced by the largest branch for the production of self-propelled trucks.

The technique is innovative and high quality, conforming to ISO9001-2000, CCC and ISO 14001 quality standards.

Advantages of XCMG truck cranes:

high build quality;

work safety;



perfect value for money;

high manufacturability;

affordable price.

Despite the high quality, the cost is several times lower than Japanese and German-made cranes.

The company XCMG in the production of special equipment uses the best designs, adopted the technology of KATO and Liebherr. For arrows steel of the European production is used. Metal for equipment is purchased in Sweden.

The assembly process is tightly controlled. Chinese XCMG special equipment is popular in Africa, Spain, Brazil, Italy and even Germany.

The concern produces machines with a lifting capacity of 16 to 500 tons. The maximum boom length is 84 m. Heavy cranes are equipped with 2 engines - for the crane and the chassis.


The corporation is constantly improving, training its staff in new technologies and expanding its product range. Its equipment is valued in many countries of the world, which once again proves the advantages of the special equipment of this manufacturer over similar equipment of competing companies.