ATLET Forklift Manuals PDF

ATLET Forklifts Brochure
ATLET Forklifts Brochure
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ATLET Forklift Manuals PDF
ATLET Forklift Manuals PDF
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The History of ATLET forklift

  Atlet was founded over five decades ago. It was founded by Knut Jacobson, placing the first office of the company in his own residential apartments. Thus, a family business was born, which has grown into a production network, whose representative offices are already located in 47 countries around the world.


 Today Atlet is not only one of the European leaders in the manufacture of warehouse equipment. The development of the company's products is greatly influenced by the fact that its experts pay special attention to several aspects:

Increasing the profitability of handling and moving goods;

Efficient organization of warehouse work;

The use of loaders with a counterweight, which are characterized by important technological and ergonomic indicators;

Carrying out after-sales service;

Provision of consulting services to customers of warehouse equipment.

Atlet material handling equipment rolls off the production line at the main manufacturing facility in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Atlet electric counterbalance trucks

 Atlet counterbalance loaders have an extensive product line. Here are just a few of them.

Atlet loaders. Model HF. Atlet counterbalance loaders of this series are supplied with the following equipment:

 As can be seen from the markings, these loaders are designed to move loads weighing from 1.6 to 2.0 tons. Technically, these machines have 4 single-wheeled supports. The main power source for these models are traction batteries with a voltage of 48V and a capacity of 575 to 750 Ah.

Priority use. Atlet HF series counterbalance loaders are designed for comfortable work in warehouses and factory production complexes.


 Peculiarities. The manufacturer positions these machines as those that have a control system comparable to cars. Due to this, these loaders have a high declared performance of stability in controlling their maneuverability while driving.


 Model EH. This series of Atlet loaders also belongs to the category of electric counterbalance trucks. The product line is represented by 4 types

The corresponding marking indicates that these machines are capable of participating in loading and unloading operations, moving a load weighing from 2,000 to 3,000 kg.

Priority use. The Atlet EH series counterbalance loaders are capable of speeds up to 21 km/h. Therefore, along with the performance of work familiar to any loader, these self-propelled mechanisms can be successfully used in the conditions of moving goods over fairly long distances.


 Peculiarities. These models use traction batteries as the main source of energy. However, it should be emphasized that the voltage of the batteries that the models of this series are equipped with differs from the standard. In this case, it is 80V. There are 2 configuration options available.


Basic: In this case, Atlet EH series trucks have a battery capacity of 480 to 600 Ah.

Optional: in this version, the same models with a traction battery voltage of 80V have a different capacity range: 600 - 750 Ah.