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The History of SÁEZ Crane

  SÁEZ brand cranes appeared on the market in 1967 and since then the brand of the company is widely known both throughout Spain and in many other countries, as the leading manufacturer of Spanish tower cranes.


The production of the Saez group of companies includes six manufacturing plants in the province of Murcia, with a total staff of 700 people, who annually produce about 1500 cranes.


In this total staff of Saez Group approximately 700 people. It includes six manufacturing plants in the province of Murcia, and also has a large sales and distribution network at the national and international level.

The Saez Group model range includes more than 20 models. For maintaining high product quality, the company has been awarded prestigious certifications such as EC, ISO, IEC, DIN, FEM, UNE and more. IEC or VDE). Products bearing this mark comply with European market regulations.

A crane that provides very practical solutions for projects of any complexity. Boom sections are modular and interchangeable: standard section compatibility greatly reduces costs and maximizes profitability. Optimized design will reduce shipping costs

Even easier installation, fast and economical: the entire top of the crane can be assembled and dismantled in sections.


This range of cranes has been designed primarily to meet the following three main objectives:


Absence in many markets of large mobile cranes (200t, 300t, 400t, etc.) to mount and dismantle heavy booms (12t, 16t).

Difficult installation in places with limited space, where it is impossible to place a crane with shrouds, since the modular booms can be assembled and disassembled in the air.

In interference zones between several cranes. In the absence of a head, it is much easier to spread the cranes in height.

Today, this type of crane provides very practical solutions for challenging projects. Occupational safety and comfort are the main factors in design development.